15 Again

We had lots of fun, cute and sweet house guests this weekend. We hosted the 9th grade girls for our Disciple Now weekend at church.

I knew to stock up on drinks...

and junk food...

I had the privilege of hosting my Sunday School class:

Katie LOVED the company

and the cheese balls! And the chips and the cookies and the donuts too!

The girls wanted to ding dong ditch the 9th grade boys house. Then I had the brilliant idea of getting water guns at the 99 cent store! The plan was to ring the door bell, run and hide in the bushes, then ATTACK when they came out looking for them.

But the boys happened to be outside when we went by, so I told them to just run at them and attack anyway. I was so scared they were going to come to my house and retaliate. I put a scary and, maybe inappropriate, note on my door about the consequences of waking my baby. Thankfully no boys came over!

Katie slept like a champ both nights! 12 hours! I put a box fan in her room to drown out the noise!

Her room is RIGHT off the party room:

We all were pretty sleepy for church this morning:

It was an exciting day, because it was the ribbon cutting and dedication of our new youth building!

It is totally amazing. I know Katie will be hanging out with her friends here one day!

It was a fun weekend, but I am TIRED!

I love these girls!

Tomorrow I get to go to the dentist at the crack of dawn and get a crown. So that will be fun too. UGH!


Nicole said...

Oh the dentist ... I despise him!!

You are such a fun gal! I wish I could have come to your party. Except I would have needed to sleep in Katie's room with the box fan to block out all the noise. I am an old fogey!

emily said...

I bet you're the best hostess (and most fun)! Glad no boys retaliated! :)

Brooke said...

Looks like a blast! I wish I had some of the junk food right about now!!

Frugal Jen said...

You know the right way to a girls heart, lots of soda and snacks! Something we never grow to old for.

Looks like you had a great time!

Erica said...

I'm sure they LOVE coming to your house. Will you come to Missouri and decorate my house please? Thanks. :)