Change of Plans

My friend, Tori, was supposed to come in for a visit from Arkansas this weekend.
I was REALLY looking forward to it. We laugh until we cry and can't breathe. BUT she has a very sick kid and couldn't make it at the last minute. I am so glad she was still in town when her son needed her.

So, instead I am stuck with this girl and her daddy:

Not too shabby!
We went to Dutch's today. It's across from the TCU campus. So unless you are 23 or younger, it might make you feel old to be there.
It's totally worth it for their delicious burgers though. And they have the BEST buns in the world. Next to my husband's, that is. ;)

I also got a pedicure today in honor of Tori.
That's something we always do when she's in town. It was a must for me, because my feet have not been flip flop ready. And it has been flip flop weather for a month now.

I always pick out OPI red for my toes. Even though every time I say I am going to do something different. That's the color I grab EVERY TIME! Today I grabbed it first thing, looked at the bottom, OPI Red! Dangit. So I put it back and grabbed another color that looked good, looked at the bottom, OPI RED! Ugh! So I just went with it. And now my toes are worthy of my flip flops!

I wonder if Marcus wants to stay up late, eat peanut butter m&m's and watch a chick flick?
I miss you Tori!


Our Home Grown Adventures said...

I'm sorry that your friend couldn't make it. I hope you can re-arrange soon!

Your daughter is gorgeous! Love the photos xx

Staci said...

I'll come take her place! That sounds fun!

Erin K said...

I'm the same way with toe nail polish. I always lean towards the reds and hot pinks. So I made myself go turquoise this week. I'm ready for my reds and hot pinks but too lazy to change it. :)