Fire Pit

A dead camera battery has hampered my picture taking and blogging. It just needed to be recharged, but somehow that seemed like too big of a task for me.
I think my "to do" list is a little too long.

Anyway, I DID charge it for a few minutes to capture our fun fire pit night from Saturday.

Katie LOVES her cousin Ryan. This kid will be the best husband and dad someday. He is just really sweet and thoughtful.

Marcus, my dad and Cash:

It looks like they're solving the world's problems here. The first problem they should tackle is Cash! He eats my baseboards and he's not my favorite person right now!

My mom and Blue. I love Blue. He's sweet and doesn't ruin stuff.

We roasted weenies and made S'mores.
Good times!

The night ended with some cartoon watching.

You can't ask for much more than that!


Courtney Osborne said...

Cute pics and don't you mean "cartoonths";)

Erin K said...

Good times!And yes, that Ryan is a sweetheart!

the undomesticated wife said...

I was just mentioning to my neighbors that I haven't used my chiminea once this fall or winter! And then the last few weeks have been so warm. Maybe this weekend if the rain holds off a little. Should be cool enough out.

Nicole said...

On the baseboard thing. When our puppies were little, their favorite chew toy was the corners of our coffee table. I read somewhere to put double sided tape on it with a hot spice sprinkled on the tape. That way, when they went to chew the wood, they would get a mouth full of spicy hot. It actually worked! I know you probably don't desire double stick tape running all over your baseboards, but maybe you can just put it in a few of his favorite places and he'll get the picture.

Nicole said...

I used ground red pepper. Oh, and tell Katie that it doesn't taste too good, so she won't want to be licking it!