Fun With Fifi

I have neglected this poor blog all week.

I have been getting ready for some major company this weekend!
teenage girls! Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately when I have company coming, it inspires me to redecorate and get projects done on the house. And that always makes a HUGE mess that I have to clean up in the nick of time. So that's where we are now. I have paint in my hair right now if that tells you anything.

AND, it rained IN our house this week. So Marcus has been taking care of the leaking roof and ceiling. FUN!

We had our family over for lunch on Sunday and Katie had fun with her Uncle David.
Whom she calls Fifi:

These pictures just reminded me that I have to clean my front windows before the girls come over! I will just add it as #123 on my "TO DO" list!


the undomesticated wife said...

Girl, I'm in the middle of the never-ending, four-year master bathroom remodel, so I feel your pain about everything being a mess. Half of my bathroom is in my bedroom.

What are you painting? :)

I'd love to do an update, but blogger won't let me upload photos. Not sure why.

donna said...

I love Katie's pics!!!