Girl Talk

Did you watch The Bachelor last night?
I knew what was going to happen, because I read Reality Steve's blog.
I don't approve of his language or his arrogance, but he always knows what's going to happen on every episode and he lays it out before the season even starts.

Even when I was little, I would read the last page first of a book. I just like to know what's going to happen. I also would peek at my Christmas presents.
I still would, if I could find them!
Marcus is a good hider.

My mom and sister came over here to watch the finale. Katie put on a pretty good show for them and did not want to go to bed. When she woke up this morning, she thought for sure that they were still here! Big Bummer, just mommy!

The Bachelor makes me so glad I'm married! And when did it become Fear Factor? I feel like in every episode the girls had to do something TOTALLY scary that involved practically plunging to their death. I'm pretty sure that doesn't make you soul mates. It just means you did something that you really didn't want to do for some guy...I've been there, sister!

Tonight was less dramatic.
Katie and I met Courtney and the kids at Chick fil A.

It is SUPER humid here today, so Katie's hair is extra curly.

I thought she kind of looked like Gilly from Saturday Night Live.

Not in the face, so much, just the fro with a bow.

She had lots of fun on the play ground:

Drew and Charis were too quick for me:

And I just picked up some cute t-shirts from my friend, Kari.
I love having talented friends!

It's crazy when you have a toddler, you have to practically buy a new wardrobe for them every season!
(I'm kind of proud of myself for calling Katie a toddler, because I so badly want to say baby!)

I really try to not spend a ton of $ on stuff, since it will only be worn for a few months. I got these t-shirts at Wal-mart and she cutened them up for me! Hopefully we will know a Katie in the future that we can share with.

Now I've got to get ready for 2 very special over night guests we are having tomorrow!


Nicole said...

I have found that I save myself the agony and just read Reality Steve's blog instead!

Love the shirts!! :)

Anonymous said...

I looked for an email address and couldn't find one... so, I have a question that is unrelated to this post but I don't have anywhere else to ask it... SORRY! WHere did you buy Katie's backpack? My little boy is going to start school soon and I want a unique backpack for him. Thanks in advance, Dina!

Anonymous said...

I love reading Reality Steve. I love his wit! It cracks me up and he basically says all things that I am thinking anyway. It's great!! I always say that I'm not going to watch the show but, of course I get sucked in.

Amanda said...

Gilly! Ha! That made me laugh.

Katie doesn't look like Gilly, but she look like your mom. I can really see Donna in that profile picture of Katie.

Also, my kids look like hobo's next to Katie. For reals.