A Sleepover and A Birthday

Last night my niece and nephew, Morgan and Ryan, spent the night with us!
Katie was in Heaven.

We took them to the Fort Worth Water Gardens:

Then we ate at 5 Guys Burgers. It was delish!

Then we went home and got comfy in our PJs and watched Tangled.

And when you sleep at Aunt Dina's you get hot chocolate chip cookies and milk before bed.

We had to wake Katie up this morning, because she thought she was Sleeping Beauty.

She couldn't believe her eyes and when Morgan and Ryan were STILL here! Yay!

Then we had fun at the park:

Here's Katie asking, where did the butterfly go?

Katie is so blessed to have such sweet cousins!

Then tonight we celebrated her Uncle David's birthday. He is Marcus's older brother.

Katie calls him Fifi!

Here's Jeddy with his daddy, looking pretty proud of his gift:

And Katie and Fifi:

We are so fortunate to live by all our immediate family. They are all within a 5 mile radius of us. Some people might hate that, but it's been a blessing. ESPECIALLY when you have a kid. Katie squeals with delight anytime she sees her family. And they all love her unconditionally. It's great! AND we have never had to pay for a babysitter. AND bonus, both our families get along great. My 2 nephews play together all the time and they aren't technically related, but they are like cousins.

I wish I could get all 18 of them to move to a cute little town by the beach. That would be wonderful!


Erin K said...

How fun! I haven't been to the FW Water Gardens since I was 16! I need to take Sophia....but I can't remember how to get there. :) I'll have to google it. Love that Katie lives so close to all of her family and that everyone gets along so well.

Fabiola said...

Katie is the happiest kid on earth with her cousins ; ) Great pictures.

donna said...

So funny. Dad and I went by there that night after dinner.