The Weekend

We start our weekends off right around here.
Most Fridays are "Donut Friday"! We stole that tradition from my friend, Keri.

This time of year it's also fun to look at garage sales while we are partaking in our donuts. Last week I found the cutest coffee table for my sister.

Katie gets a couple donut holes and she's in heaven!

We are sure to load her up with fruits and veggies the rest of the day to detox from the holes!

Marcus detoxes from his donuts with a sausage roll!

Friday night we dropped Katie off at Aunt Pam's house so we could go out to eat, BY OURSELVES!

Last Friday night we took Katie to eat and we had to leave early due to a major fit. It was sad. Katie is usually pretty calm and well behaved, but she did NOT want to be there. Anyway, this Friday we thoroughly enjoyed our date and neither of us threw a fit!

Saturday, Katie and I went to a shower for Marcus's cousin that had twin girls! Harper and Hallie. I did not get a good pic of the babies or their mommy.
They are all cute, believe me!

My niece, Melissa, made the cupcakes. They were delicious and adorable!

Katie just wanted to play ball with Jeddy and her Uncle David, who she calls Fifi now. We think that's pretty hilarious.

It was kind of sad to lose an hour last night. But I LOVE that it's darker in the morning and lighter later. That fits with my schedule MUCH better!


Brooklynn said...

Donut Friday! It's like my Starbucks Friday :) sounds like a fun weekend!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

I swear, your daughter and my daughter have the same outfits. Their mothers and grandmothers must have very good taste. :-)

Our Home Grown Adventures said...

Hi! I'm new to your blog. I love the donut Friday! I might have to steal that tradition! x

Erin K said...

I need to start a donut Friday over here. But maybe donut Sat. instead. Sophia would totally love that! Glad y'all had a date night just with each other. And even though it stinks for you, I'm glad other parents have the same issues with going out to dinner and their kids.I'm not alone! :)