Family Fun Weekend

We had so much fun with my cousin, Kristen, her husband, Kevin, and their cute daughter Lucy! They just left today and it's too quiet around here.

The weekend was all about the food, really. I feel like I need to detox this week...but I'm sure that I won't.

We had to have donut Friday!
The guys went to play golf that morning, but Marcus left us some donuts.

I'm sure Kevin and Kristen haven't had a donut since we went to Colorado last August and forced donut Friday on them then too. They are pretty healthy.

The girls played with the puppies:

And we are super fancy now and got a pool!


Friday night, my parents came to babysit and we went to dinner!

me, Marcus, my brother in law, Darren

Kevin, sister Kelly, Kristen.

We had a great time. The kids had lots of fun with out us too!

Saturday morning we rode the train by the Ft. Worth Zoo:

The weather was perfect! Afterward, we went to Sweet Sammies for some ice cream sandwiches.

After nap time, we went to my sister's for dinner, then to get snow cones!
Told you it was all about the food!

Kristen and I always had SO much fun growing up together. We never lived in the same state, but spent most our Christmases together. And we would visit in the summers. We always got in trouble for staying up too late and giggling.

Kristen has been married 14 years and we've been married 12. So it is really amazing that we had daughters so close together. It is such a blessing that they will be able to grow up together too.

And we will NEVER tell them to be quiet and go to bed! Hopefully we will be up late giggling with them!

It was sad to say good bye.
Katie was asking for Lucy as soon as she got up from her nap today!

We could probably convince them to move to Texas if it wasn't 100 degrees from June to September!

I'm thankful for my family and a fun weekend!


For Aunt Carol

My cousin, Kristen and her family just got in from Colorado.

I knew her mom, my aunt, would want to see pictures of Katie and Lucy together.

We had pasta at Nonni's house:

Bath time:

Play time:

Now they are both sound asleep!
We are going to have a fun weekend!


Some Answers and Some More Tables

The first answer is that these are sprinkles. Like the kind you put on cupcakes. I just put them in the votive holder and then smushed a tea light in there.

And the second answer is Selah Ranch. That is where we went on our mini getaway a couple of weeks ago. Here's their website.

And here are some more tables from the Dine By Design event at my church that I mentioned yesterday:

There were lots more, but I didn't get pics of everything. My friend, Catherine, had a fun design table that you can see on her blog. She also has other fun stuff you probably want to look at too!
My house got cleaned today! By someone other than me! A professional! It was a birthday gift from my parents. We have company coming in town on Thursday, so I'm trying not to touch ANYTHING!



Today is my mom's birthday!
Happy Birthday Donna Louise!
She totally loves her middle name, so you should all call her that when you see her, K?

Friday night, my church had a women's event called, Dine By Design. You can host a table and decorate it however you want.
So I did a birthday theme for my mom.

She had no idea!
She knew she was coming to the event, but didn't know my theme. And she thought she would be sitting at the table with my friends, BUT I invited her friends.


I got some old pictures of her, made copies and put party hats on her head:

I made my mom walk around the room looking at all the cute tables, and told her she had to find mine. This is her reaction when she did:

Then surprise #2 is that her friends were there too!
These are all her "teacher" friends.

Gina, Mary, Tricia, Dyana, Erin, my mom, me.

Jill was supposed to come too, but couldn't make it. We missed her & told her we didn't have any fun. So these smiles are totally fake, Jill!

These girls made the night special!
Then, Saturday night, we celebrated with the family. Minus Marcus, because he was at work. Some one's got to put fires out and save lives. Right? He misses all the fun stuff.

My mom and Morgan:

We went to the Olive Garden. Marcus thinks it's funny that us Italians like to eat at the OG.
I LOVE it!

Katie loved it too. Pasta is her favorite food, besides cake. She got both that night, lucky girl.
I have started bringing this little seat into restaurants instead of using their high chairs. It works WAY better for us. It keeps Katie contained and she can't stand up.

My sister and her hubs. The sunny blinds are on their faces.

Ryan and my dad:

Afterward, we went to my P's house for cake, presents and fun!

Happy Birthday Mom! I won't mention how old she is, because that's bad manners. And last year I mentioned she turned 63, but I've matured since then!

Oh, Saturday night was also prom night for my niece!
I ran by to see her real quick before the birthday dinner. Isn't that the hugest limo you have ever seen?

This is Jolene, and my niece Jennifer on the right:

They both had dates, but best friends are more important!
I can't believe she's graduating next month. Jennifer was my flower girl when she was 5!

It's so weird how everyone else is getting older and I'm still 24!