Katie turned 21 months today.
Not a big milestone, she can't drink or vote yet.
BUT now we are just 3 months away from the BIG 2!

To celebrate, Marcus and I dropped her off at her Annie's house (his mom) and went on a date. BY- OUR-SELVES!

To Katie, going to her Annie and Papa's house is as good as Disneyland. She has tons of fun there. Mainly, because she gets to do whatever she wants!

I tried to take a self portrait of Marcus and me on our date.
I was really trying to position my face, so I wouldn't have 4 chins. That' s hard to do for me.

We took several pics and cracked ourselves up. Marcus is making extra chins here, so mine don't look so bad!

After dinner, we took a romantic trip to Wal-mart.
We got Katie an Adirondack chair while we were there.

She needed something to sit on while she watches TV. I've been wanting to get her a bean bag, but they are mucho dinero. This was about 7 bucks.

She was pretty proud of it!

My mom got me a really great baby book before Katie was born.
I have not written one word in it! I will have to go back and look at my blog so I can fill it in. So here are some things I don't want to forget at 21 months about Miss Katie Belle:

*Calls muffins, "fuffins"

*Shuts all my bathroom drawers and doors behind me and says, "clean up"

*If there are a box of tissues around, she will pluck each one out of the box, wipe her nose and then throw it away. If there are 100 tissues in the box, she will do it 100 times. We didn't teach her this trick, so we are not sure where she picked up?

*She recently started calling her belly button a booby. She tries to look at it often, but loses her balance, because it's under her pot belly.

*Anytime I start to put her shoes on and say we are going in the car, she says "Mal-Mart" I think we might go to Wal-mart a little too much!

*If she accidentally runs into something, she tells the inanimate object, "sorry" Like, "sorry chair"

*She loves to dance. The other day we were eating lunch out and they were playing country music. She wiggled and danced in her high chair the WHOLE time.

* She will ask for something and immediately say, "OK", like she is answering for me. "Coke? OK!"

Katie is 25 pounds, sleeps 12 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap (hallelujah!), size 5 shoe, 18-24 month clothes, 4 diaper.

A year ago at 9 months.
Also the day she started crawling! And the last day I got anything accomplished!

Katie has started to show a tiny hint of stubbornness and disobedience, but we still love her and still consider her a joy and a blessing!


Nicole said...

Hey! We had that same date tonight! Went to Olive Garden, then Walmart. Saw those chairs, too, but didn't buy one. Bought Dawson the Lord of the Rings trilogy, all out of the $5 bin. No, we didn't look like all the other stupid people who dig through those bins. Not us!

Leslie said...

I just love reading your blog! My mom got beanbags for my kids at Penneys and they weren't expensive. She ordered online. Hope that helps!

Mallorie said...

You and your hubby are just too cute! I love your top! Emma Claire has a pink Adirondack chair from Wally World as well!!! Ours is a little different and doesn't have the neat foot rest. I LOVE it. I cannot believe Katie is almost TWO! I feel like I was just reading your pregnancy posts yesterday!!!

Erin K said...

Yea for date nights, even if it includes Walmart. Alone time with your hubs is priceless. You should just print out your blog at Blog2print. I stopped scrapbooking our family stuff altogether and just print out my blog posts into a hardback book.

Twinkle Terrior said...

Dont worry Gorgeous! By 40... we all have the art of hiding-chins in pictures! LOL And you guys look wonderful! Happy 21 mos to KB! oxo Christina

amberdawn said...

Haha! I was sitting here reading your blog to Jason, and we so cracked up! 1st at Marcus' faces and then that we are not the only ones that end date night at Wal-Mart (or the new gianormous Kroger by our house).

Anonymous said...

can I just state for the record that I love your blog. I love that you are just you on it...I love all your random trains of thoughts and fun bits of information you share...you are FUN! Also...made me laugh...Calvin is 4, but he still doesn't know how to say "muffin"...he calls them "nothins"...so he'll say, "can I have a nothin?" we think it's hilarious so we haven't really corrected him (bad parenting ;) )

Brandy Bruce said...

Gotta love those romantic trips to Wal-Mart! :) It's crazy how it feels so nice just to get to grocery shop alone with the hubby!