And She's Back!

The Katie I know and love is back!
I seriously thought we lost her to the terrible 2's. I thought her personality was permanently sucked out of her little body and replaced with a Gremlin or something.

At the end of last week she had a fever, then we had Easter busyness, then went out of town until yesterday. It was just too much to handle. Last night, she lost her mind and I put her to bed at 6:45. She slept almost 14 hours!

It turns out sleep is the cure for crabbiness!
I was hoping & praying the good mood would stick for the whole day.

I was a little nervous to pick Katie up from MDO. I didn't know what kind of report I would get? Did her head spin around, did she cuss anyone out?

NOPE! She did great and even took a nap. Yippee, more sleep!
AND, Katie even said, "I LOVE YOU" while we were driving home today. So I bought her a pony and some ice cream!
Right now, I am going to live in a state of denial and pretend like this past week is the hardest it's going to get. And that we will NOT have any terrible 2's or 3's issues and that puberty will be a cake walk.
I will live in this state of denial for as long as I can!


Nicole said...

Take it from someone who has a teenage daughter. Yes, it NEVER gets any worse than this! :)

laurensmommy said...

Just enjoy the good moments and try to hold onto those for when the trying times come...because let's be real, they will, right?! :)

As another mom of an only child (who is a girl) I will say that it gets better...and worse. Thank God for His grace and strength to be the mothers that they need!!

Erin K said...

Glad your little girl is back! She's such a sweetheart. Just keep living in denial. Maybe you'll be the lucky one. I know I will not be so lucky. I think I have a 13 year old trapped in a 3 year old body.