The Funny Farm

We just got back from a mini vacation today.
We stayed at a ranch about 2 hours east of here. Marcus loves to get away and we just wanted to RELAX.

Except that we have a toddler. And she didn't get the memo about relaxing. She must have gotten the memo to go completely crazy, scream, cry and be unreasonable. Whoever gave her that memo is in HUGE trouble!

Our first mistake was to leave at nap time, thinking she would sleep in the car. They should revoke our parenting license for that decision. Katie was so tired, she just couldn't deal!

She was thrilled to find an Elmo movie at our little cottage:

And our very own golf cart was a bonus too!

This dog adopted us and really didn't want to leave us alone.

He waited for us on our golf cart until we came out.

There were horses and cows on the property too.

This was taken outside Katie's window:

We ate dinner on this pier the first night:

We really just crammed food down our throats and tried to keep Katie from falling into the icky water.

Katie did some fishing with her daddy:

After the second day and some good sleep, Katie's mood improved a little. She is still showing some signs of PMS, but we love her. And I love that Mother's Day Out is tomorrow!

I know it's kind of annoying when people say that they need a vacation after their vacation.
So I won't say that, but just know I'm thinking it!


Maryellen said...

That photo of Katie and Dad fishing together is priceless. I love it. Looks like a postcard.
She'll love that photo one day when she is grown.

Brooke said...

Hey Dina,
Congratulations! Another parenting initiation ritual under your belt! :-) Ha! Been there!!!

We live not far from you, and I'm curious about the cottage you visited. This looks like the IDEAL locale for my crew. Is this a private property, or something that is open to the public for rent?

Don't want to be nosy, but if you are willing to share, I'd love to know about such an oasis so close to DFW! (Feel free to message me privately)

Horses, big dogs, and fishing speak LOUDLY to the boy-ness of my boys! :)

Enjoy your reprieve during MDO! Your photos make Katie look like an angel, by the way.........

Mallorie said...

Oh my gosh, I am still giggling about your funny comments! You crack me up! :-) I'm glad y'all had fun but I totally understand needing a vacation AFTER the vacation! :-)

Brooklynn said...

Beautiful place!! Fun to just get away. Katie is ADORABLE!

Brandy Bruce said...

I'm afraid there's no such thing as relaxation with toddlers! At least, my husband and I haven't found it yet!

amberdawn said...

Ditto to what Brooke said- Where is this amazing looking place? And feel free to give me your opinion about every part of it! :)

zandjmom said...

I am curious also.as to where you stayed and if it is available for anyone to rent. I love East Texas. Feel free to email me. Zandjmom@tx.rr.com