Rodeo Day

Today was Rodeo day at Katie's school. I'm not sure what it means, but I do know I was able to run errands all day, because she was at school "rodeoing".

I also, got to meet my dad and hubby at Rosa's for lunch.

In addition to Rodeo day, it's also Taco Tuesday! Yee Haw!

Even though we are Texans, Katie didn't have any rodeo attire.
Thankfully, we were able to borrow some boots from my friend, Paige. And I assume cowgirls are patriotic, so Katie wore her red, white & blue dress from Walmart. And of course the pig tails make her official!

In other news...
My cousin, her husband, and their cute baby are coming in town next weekend.
Having company always makes me want to redecorate and spruce up the house. I have lots of little projects going that I am hoping I can get done.
I will probably finish as their plane is landing.

It's a rough life when you're a procrastinator!


Mallorie said...

Your little cowgirl is just too precious! If I want my entire house to be clean from top to bottom I just need to have some company ;-) I should throw a party! HA!

Anonymous said...

I loooove your blog. Your sense of humor is so great! Love Katie's bootsies. Cowgirl. It's good to have some company coming over, a reason to clean the house; same here!!
Love from Alberta, CA.

Miss G said...

Oh Rosas! Yea for errand ing all day. I need to run some bday party errands. Kelly

Erin K said...

Could Katie be any cuter?? Glad you found some cowboy boots.