Some Answers and Some More Tables

The first answer is that these are sprinkles. Like the kind you put on cupcakes. I just put them in the votive holder and then smushed a tea light in there.

And the second answer is Selah Ranch. That is where we went on our mini getaway a couple of weeks ago. Here's their website.

And here are some more tables from the Dine By Design event at my church that I mentioned yesterday:

There were lots more, but I didn't get pics of everything. My friend, Catherine, had a fun design table that you can see on her blog. She also has other fun stuff you probably want to look at too!
My house got cleaned today! By someone other than me! A professional! It was a birthday gift from my parents. We have company coming in town on Thursday, so I'm trying not to touch ANYTHING!


Brandy Bruce said...

Someone else cleaning your house? Sounds like the PERFECT gift to me! :)

Vonda said...

Thank you for answering about the candle, I can see the sprinkles now, but they did look like jelly beans. So many times I ask questions on blogs and no one ever answers, so I really appreciate that!!! :)

Staci said...

My birthday is in about 3 weeks. I'd like housecleaning for my birthday! And for you to come decorate!

Vonda said...

Okay I swear I left a comment on here yesterday. ANYWAY, thank you for the info on the candles. I can see they are sprinkles now, I guess the jar makes them magnified and they look like jelly beans!!! Thanks for answering my question, so many times I ask questions on blogs and never get an answer, so I appreciate that!!! :)