Would You Like Fries With That?

My friend, Ryane, (a girl Ryane) is going on a mission trip, with her husband, to London for the Olympics.
Isn't that fun?!

She is doing a lot of different fund raisers to make money for the trip.
She is so creative. Her website is here.

Ryane is the one who made my giant cross picture that I always get asked about.

This picture is from my last house. (I miss you house!)

I bought one of these from her today as a part of her fundraising:

Mine is green and I love it!

John and Ryane:

Also, I wanted to let you know that on Wednesday night from 5 t0 9, the Chick fil A in Southlake is donating a portion of their proceeds to John and Ryane's mission trip. Just add your receipt to their bucket!

I realize that info does you no good if you live in Utah, or anywhere besides my area, but I wanted to let the locals know about just in case they had a craving for delicious waffle fries on Wednesday night.

My family will be there! We are ALWAYS craving waffle fries!


Mallorie said...

Awww if I was still living in Southlake I would TOTALLY Be there!!! :-(

Staci said...

I always crave waffle fries so I might just make the drive.

Dana said...

I always love a good waffle fry! But on a serious note, I am praying you and your family are safe following yesterday's storms!

Fabiola said...

Hope all is well after the weather crazyness from yesterday.

BTW, your friend's art work is great. If only, I lived a little closer ; )