22 and Wub

Katie Belle is 22 months old today!

Tonight she was excited that her daddy was making bacon.
I got my Mother's Day breakfast for dinner tonight!
I didn't want to eat a big breakfast yesterday morning and then go to church and wear spanx for 3 hours! Can I get an Amen?

Katie waited patiently for her bacon and "eggths"!

She thoroughly enjoyed them along with the pancakes too!

This baby is a joy and a blessing and always has us laughing!

I love that she will cuddle on us and watch cartooths. I know that won't last forever.

Katie has the best memory and knows her letters, colors and some numbers.

She loves music, books, dancing and coloring. She is so good to put all the caps back on her markers and then put them away. Her "clean up" gene didn't come from me, but I appreciate it!

This is the same girl one year ago at 10 months!

ugh! It's kind of like the Twilight Zone, when I look at pictures from just 12 months ago. Things change so fast!

I just adore her chubby hand print.
She made this at church yesterday:

And this cute pencil holder is from school:

I wonder how my mom would feel if I gave her something with my hand print on it now? I guess we can find out at Christmas!
Katie's last day of school is on Thursday. Our plan has been to get rid of "Wub" her pacifier after school is out. It BREAKS MY HEART to even think of that! She didn't become attached to it until she was about 16 months old. Now she wants it almost all the time, especially when she needs some comfort. I hate taking her comfort away.

And I am not one to feel pressured by time lines or what other people say. Marcus and I just feel like it's time to give it up. We can tell that her teeth are changing because of it too. Again, that's not a huge deal to me either. It's just time!

I think my plan is to cut the end off a little bit so it won't feel the same. I like that idea better then taking it away from her, because let's be honest people, I would cave in about 2 minutes. Honestly, probably less. She doesn't understand why she can't have Wub.
Oh my goodness I could cry just thinking about it!

The thing is, Katie didn't care about stopping breast feeding, or stopping the bottle either. I guess I'm the real baby here!

I would love your suggestions or stories on how you took the pacifier away!


Kara said...

When my parents took my bottle away, my dad drove me to a creek and we threw my bottle in the creek. He said that on the way home, I looked at him with my hands up and said "bottle gone gone, bye bye bottle," and never asked for it again. I knew it was truly gone. Sarah sucks her fingers and I have no idea how we will break that.

Staci said...

First off... AMEN!

Now, we snipped little bits of Sofia's paci a little at a time. That wasn't really working. (Stubborn!) We finally told her pacis were for babies and that there were babies that needed them. So we packed them in a big envelope and "mailed" them to the paci fairy who thanked her the next morning with a little surprise for being a big girl. I don't remember what it was. I think a small stuffed animal (for comfort) and maybe some dress up jewelry or shoes or something. Something that was only for "big girls". I know the snipping thing works for a lot of people. And believe me, I'm all about doing what works for you! For us, snipping wasn't working. Once we "mailed" them to the babies (big production!) she asked for it exactly one night. We reminded her she was a big girl and gave them to the new babies that needed them and that was it. Never asked again.

Now Olivia is a thumb sucker. 3 years old and won't stop. She's definitely getting Bucky beavers. I'd love advice on that. And this kid loves salsa. The hotter the better. (daddy is Puerto Rican and loves spicy food.) I've heard people say put Tabasco or hot sauce on their thumbs to make them stop. Ha! My kid would think it was snack time!

Erin K said...

Good luck with the Wub. With Sophia, she was attached to it since birth so I thought taking it away would be really painful (for me). But we just told her that it was time to give it away to the little babies. That she was a big girl now and didn't need it anymore. Then, we went to Target and I had her to pick a toy that she'd like from the paci fairy (I went back later and bought it). Then, we gathered up all of her pacifiers and made a big pile of them for the paci fairy. I put her down for a nap without it and told her when she woke up the paci fairy would have come and taken away her paci's but that she'd leave her a toy. Elaborate lies....I know. But it worked. She was fine with it. Good luck!

Nicole said...

Embarrassing Confession: Brynne was 4 1/2 when she gave up her "Key". Yeah. And her teeth were definitely affected! But, dang, she was so cute with them! In fact, she usually had one in her mouth and two in each hand! Rick said he thinks she is going to be a chain smoker some day.

Anyway, we gave hers to Santa on Christmas Eve. She gathered them all up and put them in a gift bag for him. We told her that Santa would replace them with a special gift. She wanted a yellow stuffed kitty.

All was good until it was time for bed. She said, "Where's my ..... Oh no!!!" and started crying. I about caved. But, really, 4 1/2????

She made it, and got her kitty, and was so happy. She was pretty good about it.

However, she told me recently (she's 6 1/2) that she found one of her Keys upstairs and sucked on it. I asked her if she would still suck on a Key if I let her have one. She said "yes!" :)

And, she bites her fingernails and chews on her hair. The girl needs something in her mouth all the time.

Good luck!!!!

Frugal Jen said...

My oldest Katelyn had a hard time getting rid of the passy. I tried to take it away and it was a mess. Finally at age 3 we cut if off and she got rid of it herself. She deemed is broken and moved on. It was very easy when we cut it. If only I tried that a year earlier!

My poor other kids never got one becuase of the drama involved with Katelyn.

Caroline still has the bottle and has no interest in getting rid of it. I just keep giving in....

It's hard to take the things away that soothe them.

Whitney said...

Plant the Wub in a pot of soil and tell Katie that it will eventually grow into a flower. After several days, plant a flower (pansies work great) in the pot. Then, Katie will think that her Wub grew into a flower rather than thinking that it was simply taken away.

Good luck!

Amanda said...

I like Whitney's idea!

For Brooke, we took the Paci away when she was about two. We first tried the "mail them to a baby" trick, but she found a forgotten Paci under her bed. So, we cut off the tip and told her it was broken. She tried to suck it, but decided it wasn't the same. She fussed for 1-2 nights, but then we never heard anything else about it.

For Madison, she nursed and used a Paci for 12 months, she self weaned and and we took away the paci with no issues, stories or tricks. She was fine until about 16 months and she discovered her thumb. She is SEVEN AND A HALF years old and we still catch her sucking it for comfort/relaxation (when she's sad/mad, in the car, on the couch, or in bed. We've tried everything. When she isn't sucking her thumb, she is chewing her hair or putting something else in her mouth. I wish we would have let her have the paci for another year because that may have prevented the thumb sucking.

Maddie's thumb sucking totally GROSSES me out, and her teeth are very much an issue no...especially due to the night time thumb sucking.

BEST wishes on this one. There is no right answer. As always, trust your mommy instinct and remind yourself that she won't be using a Paci in college. (we hope).

Staci said...

We could have the same child. My 6 1/2 year old needs something in her mouth all the time, too. She chews her hair, chews straws, straps of her backpack. Ugh! So frustrating. We call her our nervous nelly.

Anonymous said...

Depressing! We just got the tough talk from the doctor yesterday on getting rid of the bottle (my daughter is 18 months old) and he said she has to get off the bottle now and off the paci no later than 2 years old. I'm going to try the tip cutting first, but will wait until her second birthday. Dreading it! For the nighttime thumb sucking, my friend had a great idea - she cut the fingers off of a glove, minus the thumb, so he'd go to suck his thumb and get a mouth full of glove. It worked! Good luck!