Big Girl

The day after Katie's Wub got "broken", I took her to pick out a new toy.
The girl needed some joy in her life and this mom needed to relieve some guilt.

I have found that mom guilt exists even when you are doing the right thing. I experienced mom quilt the day of Katie's birth and it's reared it's ugly head multiple times since!

We settled on the bubble machine and it's been lots of fun!

Here's a snippet of the joy it brings!

Katie's been sleeping great since her wub got cut off. She still tries it all the time and has gotten a little sad about it. We both miss the crutch it was for soothing her, but it's been OK. We still let her carry it around and take it to bed. It's the long goodbye!
Katie's last day of school was on Thursday.
Here's the tiny baby on her first day of school. We had to wake her up:

And we had to wake her up on her last day of school too! One of my proudest parenting accomplishments is teaching my daughter the art of sleeping in!

The first day.
Daddy had to help her stand, because she wasn't walking on her own yet.
That came about 2 weeks later!

The Last Day,
with a different backpack.
Do you remember the back pack scandal of 2011?

Out of 6 girls in Katie's class, 3 had the same back pack!

The first day of school:
heart breaking.

The last day of school:
Eating a snow cone with her one true love, Gunner. She talks about him ALL -THE -TIME!

We will miss Katie's teachers, Ms. Eydie and Ms. Becca. They took great care of her!
And I will miss having Tuesdays and Thursdays to get stuff done!

In the meantime, I will enjoy my kid, because I know it will feel like a few seconds and then she'll be in kindergarten...hopefully WITH OUT her wub!


Jennifer said...

Where did you end up getting the second backpack because that looks really cute!

Nicole said...

Mom guilt NEVER goes away! I experienced it a little while ago when I dropped off my 6'3" baby boy at a car wash for his first job, that he did NOT want to get. I think he said something ugly to me when I drove away.

Brynne was in the car with me and she said that if she were the mommy she wouldn't make Dawson do it "because I like Dawson and I want him to just do what he wants." I told her being a mommy is hard work and sometimes you have to show your kids you love them by MAKING them do things they don't want to do. She said I don't have to worry about her because she is going to work at Sonic so she can get free slushies after work.

Laurie said...

Katie is cute! She has grown so much this year! The Slushy Magic cup is from Walmart. It is on the soft drink isle. It was on the end on a display rack.

Erin K said...

I feel mommy guilt all the time. So you're not alone. And I can't believe how much she's grown up in a year! But still such a cutie! Love her new backpack and hoping there wasn't a scandal this time. :)