The Day After

Thanks to all of you who prayed last night that Katie would sleep!

She slept the whole night!
And she is currently napping now...without her wub!

It made ZERO sense for me to cut her wub last night. I really wanted to wait until after school was out. AND Marcus wasn't even home!

The plan was to do it next week. I loved all the advice some of you gave me, by the way. Thanks for that. I just knew I couldn't take wub away from her. And I was afraid of "giving" it to another baby or to the paci fairy. I just didn't think she would totally understand that yet.

It's crazy, but I just felt like God was telling me that tonight is the night to get rid of wub. Like I said, it made no sense to do it last night. What kept going through my head was "To trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding" Proverbs 3:5.

I didn't understand it, but I wanted to be obedient. There are a couple of other times in my life that God spoke to me and it didn't make sense at all. I got the very same heart fluttery, nervous feeling last night.

I put Katie to bed and she cried the saddest cry you have ever heard. I let that last about 30 minutes. And then I went and got her. The first thing she said to me was, "wub's bwoken" in the most pitiful voice. Then I was just as pitiful, and cried too.

We watched cartoonths for about an hour, then it was time for bed.
Then the sad crying and screaming happened again.
THEN I turned to my friends for prayer... and she was asleep within minutes.

Thank you God!

I am sharing all this to preserve our memories, but also it might be an encouragement to others as they try to give up their "wubs".

And as a side not to all the mom's with thumb suckers...I was a thumb sucker until I was 5! My mom said I could go to Toys R Us and pick out whatever I wanted if I didn't suck my thumb for a week. It totally worked and I thought it was the greatest deal EVER!

I took this video of Katie right when she realized wub was broken.
Since Marcus was at work, I wanted him to be apart of this big milestone.
I was using my best "sing songy mommy voice" and trying not to break down!

This video goes on for awhile. I stopped it right before I said, "do you want to put him in the garbage?"

If your kid is 7 and still uses his/her pacifier, you won't hear any judgement from me! Do what is right for you and your kid. This is just what was right for us...and I still think it's sad and I hate it!
Being the grown up is HARD!


Cindi said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I have been reading your blog for awhile and not commenting... :) I love reading it - it always brings a smile to my face! Anyway - I have a two year old boy who still uses his paci ("bay") and I was thinking that tomorrow is the day to get rid of it. I'm so nervous! This post came just at the right time and made me feel much more optimistic about it!!

Dina said...

Hey Cindi!

Thanks for your sweet comment. I will pray things go well for you and your son as you say good bye to bay.
Katie calls her little blanket "bay" too!

Let me know how it goes!

Erin K said...

I agree! Being an adult is tough with all these decisions to make, epsecially when it involves someone little who doesn't understand your decisions. Way to go! Stick to your guns and do what's right for your family. The paci fairy probably only worked for Sophia because she'd been watching the Tinkerbell movie series. in fact, that's what she picked for her toy. Hope Katie continues to be ok with the "wub".

Frugal Jen said...

That is the cutest video! She's a good talker too! Yeah for a big milestone for Katie and Mommy.

Lauren & Matt said...

Thanks for sharing your story! Ella uses a paci and I had planned on letting her having it til she turns two in December. Recently she had gotten in the habit of wanting it ALL day... we finally got it to just bed time and some car rides. I know how attached she is to hers, and don't look forward to the day we have to get rid of it! She has a dozen though, and knows it, so we may have to send hers to the paci fairy cuz if one is "broken" she will just ask for another ;-P She does have a blanket and puppy she's very attached to, so maybe that will make it easier... or not :-)

Staci said...

Aww... I know that was rough. But, looks like you did the right thing at the right time for you guys. It has to be done at some point, that don't make it easy. (This coming from the momma who searched ebay for months for some obscure WalMart $5 Valentines Day stuffed animal special, just in case it was ever lost. I vowed to keep the spare put away to give her if original "baby" was misplaced. I totally caved and gave it to her the next day. She still has both 3 years later....)

Fabiola said...

I hope all is going well without the paci. Heloisa is not a "paci" baby. She will only take it when she is in some pain due to her colics : (

Vonda said...

My twins were 5 when they gave up their Nuks. We went on vacation and I told them I had forgotten them. Peyton slept with her grandmother that first night and goes "mamaw I DO need my Nukie". My mom said she will NEVER forget that as long as she lives. But it worked and they never had a nuk after that. I had even talked to their pediatrician when they were 3about how to wean them and her reply was "why wean them, they'll stop when they are ready and if it's the worst habit they ever have, then you'll be lucky". I was surprised! :)

amberdawn said...

I love that in the video it sounds almost as if you are convincing yourself that it will "be okay"! Love it!

Miss G said...

Thank you for sharing with us your moment of obedience to what God was asking of you and how it felt and played out. This is a big encouragement. I too have experienced times where I feel strongly I should do something but it doesn't make sense and sometimes I do it out of obedience and sometimes I write it off as illogical and therefore not worth it. This is an encouragement to keep on obeying and a reinforcement that I am not alone in sometimes feeling/sensing things the same. Thanks!! Kelly

Miss G said...

Thank you so much for sharing with us your moment of obedience and how it felt and played out. I have had times to of feeling strongly that I should do something and yet it not making sense. There have been times when I simply obeyed and times when I wrote it off as illogical and therefore not worth it. It is a big encouragement to hear you describe your obedience and how it played out both to help me the next time something like that comes up to just choose obedience and to know I'm not alone in feeling like God is asking me to do something that doesn't make sense to me. So glad we are blog friends. Kelly