Friday Funday

Like most Fridays, today was DONUT FRIDAY!

We got donuts and headed to some garage sales.
THEN it started pouring!

My parents' neighborhood was having a sale, so we went by.
Thankfully the sun came out after a while.

Katie got to dunk some baskets.

I sold my cute pink gliders you see in the background. Kind of sad, but we just have too much STUFF!

Tonight Marcus and I got to go on a date...by ourselves!
We dropped Katie off at my sister's house.

She wanted to wear lots of bows!

Katie LOVES to go to Aunt Kelly's house.

We had a wonderful dinner!

When we got home the power was out. Marcus had to break in the house, because the garage door opener didn't work! And I had to do bath and bedtime stuff by candles and flash light.
Let's just say I could NEVER be Amish. I was scared of what I would do without the TV or computer tonight. Thankfully the power is on now, so I don't have to know!

Marcus and I also played 3 rounds of UNO tonight, but I don't really want to talk about it! I think he cheated!


Lauren said...

Your pictures are super cute! I really love the dunking one. & I so love that you said you think your husband cheated...thats what my husband does.

Nicole said...

Another fun Friday for you guys! I remember coming home one night from a date night when my sister was babysitting the kids. She always made fun of Brynne's bows. When we walked in Brynne had about 50 bows in her hair. My sister thought she was soooo funny! Now she is 37 years old and having a baby girl (15 years after her older daughter). I got her a bow holder and bows for her shower gift. Revenge is mine!!!

Mallorie said...

Okay one of the things I miss most about Texas/DFW is the DONUTS! Up here in VA there are literally NO donuts stores. What is up with that?! Have y'all ever been to Country Time Donuts in Grapevine?! They are my absolute favorite! :-)I LOVE the picture of Miss Katie with all of the bows! adorable.

Staci said...

Oh my gosh we have some wicked UNO battles in this house. I always panic when power goes out that my dvr will somehow erase itself and I also panic about lack of a/c. I couldnt be Amish either.

Miss G said...

I agree about missing tx donuts. They are NOT the same here. The closest looking one I've seen recently was while we were in Portland but alas I did not have cash and so had to leave it sitting there all Pretty in the glass case. :(. Kelly