Friday Night Fireworks Are Back!

We love Friday Night Fireworks at Grapevine Lake.
They have them every Friday night at 9:30 from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend!

We have been going for several years, so we weren't going to let a kid stop our tradition. We just put Katie down for a nap later in the afternoon, so she could last all night.

It worked out fine and she had a great time playing in the back of the truck, with the dogs, while we were waiting for the fireworks.

Here's Katie last year at FNFW. She's almost 11 months.

Now 22.5 months:

Still waiting and doing a little jig:

Yeah! Fireworks!

At the beginning Katie kept saying, UH OH! Oh Noooooo!

After about 5 minutes of thinking the world was blowing up, it then turned to "Oh so pitty!" (pretty for those of you who aren't fluent in toddler)

I think we have her warmed up for next Friday night!

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Erin K said...

That's so cool! I had no idea about this firework thing. I'll have to take Sophia.