Garbage, Friends, & Stickers

Marcus just got home from working 36 hours in a row. I'm not sure who's more tired, him or me? I've had a migraine the majority of those 36 hours and it wore me out. Thankfully today Katie had school, so I was able to lay on the couch and watch a list of DVRed shows. So at least I can say I accomplished something!

Yesterday I accomplished getting a FREE book shelf out of some one's garbage pile!
Yes, I was THAT girl.

I have been wanting a book case for Katie's expanding library. We inherited a lot of books from my niece and nephew.
Now, I just need to paint it!

Yesterday we also got to play with Katie's BFFs, Charis and Drew.

I know it's not a typical milestone to document, but these are Katie's first pair of shorts. I think they make her look way too old!

They work great for the park though!

The ducks were lucky and got some goldfish for a snack.

And guess who's into stickers now?!
I will give you a hint:

I was actually Katie's partner in this sticker situation. This was our activity while we were waiting for Daddy to get home!

Now it's time for bath, bed and maybe some Giuliana and Bill. Have you been watching too?


Giggles said...

Love, love, love the bookshelf. I even like the color!! I love finds like that! :) Hope your head is feeling better.

The Howell's said...

Love, Love Giuliana & Bill. I am super happy for them. They will be fantastic parents. :)

Maryellen said...

Katie's hair is just beautiful. I love the soft curls.

Sticker mania !

Mallorie said...

Oh my word I am cracking up at her stickers! That is too cute! I showed my husband the pictures because I was giggling so hard and he said that you should get her scratch and sniff stickers! So that she could put them all over herself and then smell them! HA! He thought it was funny...haha

I am totally THAT girl...my 8 dining chairs came from the dumpster! I'm proud of it! They have been completely redone and I love them now!

Erin K said...

Awww! Stickers! At least she just stuck them on her clothes and skin. With Sophia I wasn't paying attention and she stuck a bunch on our back door (glass). We still can't get those darn things off. Hope your migraine has gone bye-bye!And glad Marcus is home safe!

Becca@Bin Hire Melbourne said...

I suggest, color it in white... neat and clean, you're kid will surely like it when it is new in color.