My Flower Girl Graduated!

My niece, Jennifer, graduated high school!
She is Marcus's sister's daughter. So I inherited her when she was 5 1/2 which is perfect flower girl age!

My other 13 year old niece made this cake!

We took Katie to graduation and sat WAAAY in the back, because we're no dummies!

This was our view:

Katie loves to clap and cheer!

She stayed in her seat for about 2 minutes, then needed to wander. So we were smarties for sitting in the back. AND my thighs got a much needed work out too!

We partied the rest of the day:

I got Jennifer this cute purse from The Gypsy Butterfly:

Along with some $ of course! That's really what graduates need!
I got her the purse to hold all the moolah she got!

Katie had a grand time and skipped her lunch and just ate cake!

That made for an exciting afternoon!

I'm so proud of my niece! She is an amazing girl. I can't wait for her to get to experience college! And I want her to meet her husband soon, so Katie can be HER flower girl!


Erin K said...

I love that purse! I've gotta go check out the Gypsey Butterfly.

Erin K said...

And Katie would make a wonderful flower girl!