The Pokey Little Katie

Today was my first day to leave the house since SATURDAY!
Of course the first place I went was Hobby Lobby!
(they have some Christmas stuff out by the way!)

Sunday morning I was all ready for church and I was getting Katie dressed. She must not have like her outfit, because she poked me straight in the eye with her little pokey finger!
It hurt, but I didn't think it was a big deal...except it was!

It swelled up immediately. I couldn't drive to church (Marcus was at work). I had to have someone cover my Sunday School class, BECAUSE I GOT POKED IN THE EYE!
That was an embarrassing conversation!

Do you like this picture I tried to take of my injury?

I was raising my forehead trying to open my eye up.

My eye was nearly swollen shut, the lens was scratched and it was really painful, it triggered a migraine and then made me feel barfy.


Today is the first day with out a headache, and my eye looks pretty normal now.

I have a point...
Marcus was getting me Coke Slurpees almost everyday, because they are THE BEST relief for migraines. The mixture between the caffeine and coldness is so healing. PLUS they are delicious.

Anyway, I was excited to find these at Sam's today:

I wish they had Coke, but Dr. Pepper works too. Plus, he IS a doctor after all. All the other flavors will be yummy for my non headache days!

And I have been trying to get my hands on one of these puppies too:

It makes any drink slushy. It's MAGIC!
I NEED one!

I am going to make Katie watch me eat popsicles and drink my slushy magic while she eats carrots and drinks plain non-slushy water!

Just kidding, we've made up by now.
Do you know how many times I have accidentally whacked her head on the door jam?
I think we're even!


Erin K said...

You poor thing!Glad you're feeling better! Hard to be mad at such a little cutie for long.

Giggles said...

We have the Slushy Magic in Walgreens around here for $19.99.
Glad your eye is better and that you and your pokey little lovely have made up!!

Little Pear Studio said...

The Slurpee Magic is at CVS or Walgreens. We got a couple for Christmas and the kids have used them MAYBE one time. They weren't too impressed.

Anonymous said...

Slushie Magic at Walgreens for $15, if you don't find one let me know I'll send ya one.
I literally LOL at the whacked her head on the door jam comment...I've seriously done that to my poor kids so many times.
And your house is too stinking adorable in Kelly's link up.

Erica, Springfield MO

Anonymous said...

Slushy Magic is a Bed Bath and Beyond in Watauga and you can use a 20% off coupon on it too...woohoo!