Some Pictures and Some Questions

I recently rearranged Katie's pics in the hallway. I try not to wallpaper our house with baby pictures, so it's nice to have them mostly in one place.

I added the tin shelf from H.L. It was a bargain at 10 bucks. I kind of stuck with a black, red and white theme for consistency.

It's hard to take good pictures of the hallway. There is no natural light and I had to smoosh myself against the wall.

This random built in shelf is at the entrance to the guest room.
I organized these a little better too.

The guest room is to the right of the shelf.
This is my decorating magazine collection. It's mainly compiled of Romantic Homes, Mary Engelbreit, Cottage Living and a few others. I look through them often for ideas. It was my Pinterest before Pinterest. I still like my old fashioned way, BUT I did succumb to pressure and joined Pinterest a couple of days ago.

You can find me here. I'm DinaLeighW. I only have a few things pinned so far. It's hard for me to commit to repin for some reason?

OK, so here are my questions for you:
The Golightly's blog came up with a message saying we reached our picture saving memory and Picasa wants to charge $2.49 a month for more memory. Has this happened to any of you? Or do you know of a free alternative while still keeping the same blog?

My other question is; does motherhood make you want to drink and cuss? Because it makes me want to drink and cuss...but I don't. I mainly turn to chocolate instead. I actually enjoy being a mom more than I thought I would, but holy cannoli, I get frustrated and lose my patience...then I want to drink and cuss. The crazy thing is that I have one pretty easy well behaved kid, AND a helpful husband and family. So, I've got it made in the shade compared to most moms.

I guess sometimes it's an overwhelming task and it's SUPER hard to reason with an almost 2 year old with a mind of her own.

Here's the almost 2 year old washing the car with her daddy.

I know that I don't have to reiterate to you that I'm crazy about Katie and that I am so thankful for her, right? Because I am. It's just not always rainbows and butterflies and I like to keep it real!

Now I need to go find some chocolate!


Brandi said...

Ugh, YES...motherhood makes me want to drink, cuss and eat chocoloate!!!!!!!! 3 kids about does me in!!!!

Anonymous said...

Motherhood makes me want to drink AND smoke. I don't do either, but I do cuss (not AT my kid) and eat chocolate. It does not mean we don't love our children with every inch of our being; it means we are human. I have a whole rant about this, but I will refrain, as this is your blog. But if you'd ever like to discuss, let me know! I'll even provide the chocolate. Your photo collage looks great, of course. And Katie's tutu swimsuit...fabulous! She is such a cutie!!!

Courtney Osborne said...

Katie looks so sweet in her tutu bathing suit! I think that is why God made chocolate. ;)

Mallorie said...

I'm following you on Pinterest now!!! :-) And after a long, hard day I do allow myself a glass of wine! It's just necessary some days! ha! My husband works odd hours/lots of evenings so sometimes it's just me and it's just HARD some days!!!

As for the storage issue I post TONS of pictures and Google wouldn't let me upload more pictures a while back so I had to buy more storage. I don't think it was through Picasa though, I think it was just through Google. I was annoyed though :-(

Amanda said...

Yes- it does. Parenting is one of the hardest things that I have done in life. I am so excited that you joined Pinterest. I can't wait to follow you. I actually pinned your blue kitchen. I have always loved those cabinets. Someday I will have blue cabinets and cherry fridge!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Parenting is hard. I mean there's not much else to say. However I will add this...when my oldest went through his horrible 2-3 stage I thought something is seriously mentally wrong with this child, I have ruined him. BUT then he turned 4 1/2 and he's back!!! I have my sweet child again! Just in time for my second son to reach this not so fun stage. And the good news is that once my second son gets out of his funky stage my baby girl will be ready to enter it. ;)

Maryellen said...

I don't have any children but I give you Mom's all the credit. I did a ton of babysitting in my day and I remember the feeling of handing them over to Mom hah

Katie is just adorable sporting the pink tutu and silver sandels. Stylin' girl for car washin' hah

Erin K said...

Yep, parenting can do that to ya. And it's okay if you do. I do both. :) And maybe the chocolate is triggering your migraines (I have a friend that can't have chocolate b/c of this). And so glad you're finally on Pinterest!!!!! We love our kids but we're not perfect. We're just human.There's a reason why I work and it's not to make money. I just could not be sane and stay home with S. She's more than a handful. And maybe she'll learn some other useful skills at her school besides painting, drawing, arranging things, rearranging things etc....LOL! Sometimes I feel guilty about not staying home with her. :(

Nicole said...

Yeah, last year I had to buy more photo storage, but it was only like $5.00 for the year.

I love the glass brick with Katie's pic behind it. I'll have to steal that idea for a gift for my sister.

Frugal Jen said...

Yes! Parenting is super hard, when you do it right. That's what a wise mom told me once. It made me feel much better.

As I'm reading this Caroline is throwing a fit screaming because she wants a bottle not a sippy cup.

Amanda said...

Parenting is the hardest & most challenging thing I've ever done. Age 2-4 (so far) has been the most difficult with both girls. ( Sorry.) Most moms aren't as honest about this as I wish they were, but it looks like most of your commenters are telling the truth!

Miss G said...

I have that same H.L. shelf and my sweet hubby painted it white before David came. See . . . http://sundrenchedmoments.blogspot.com/2010/04/projects-du-jour.html