Happy Mother's Day!

Today I am thankful to be a mom, and I'm thankful for MY mom and for my mother in law too!

Even though I picked out our outfits. I PROMISE I didn't mean for Katie and I to match. Pink and white dresses with little pink sweaters is a little over the top! I accidentally match us all the time. Embarrassing!

We went to Marcus's sister's house for lunch after church. Here is my mother in law with her kids and grand kids.

I bet I know who her favorites are! :)

My sister in law, Lisa, with her son, Jeddy:

My hubs and his mom:

After a good nap, we went to dinner with my family.
Here's my mom and Morgan:

Katie's ready for some pasta and pizza:

Mom and the grands:

Her favorite daughters. My tall brother in law took this pic!

We had cake at my house after dinner.

And the night ended with a good laugh!

I know Mother's Day can be painful for those waiting for a baby. I pray you find peace and hope from the Lord.
God's timing is perfect.

Katie and me on my first Mother's day last year:

I'm thankful for "the wait".
I wouldn't change it if I could!


Mallorie said...

Happy Mother's Day! :-) Looks like you had a wonderful day! I didn't have a wait..I had a BIG SURPRISE! Which at the time was a huge shock but I agree...I wouldn't change anything if I could.

Staci said...

Oh girl, the "wait" was tough, but I am so thankful for it now. I didn't realize (and it didnt feel like it at the time) but it was a blessing. We became parents exactly when we were meant to. Even if it took 10 years.

You mustve gotten your "accidental matchy" gene from your mom. She wore a hot pink sweater too!

kimert said...

It looks like a very lovely and blessed day! You and Katie are just beautiful. :)

Erin K said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family! And waiting is defintely hard. I remember being so bitter at every baby shower and mothers day for 3 years before we had Sophia. But you're right. God has perfect timing. We were in NO WAY prepared emotionally or financially when we wanted to have a baby but we were definitely ready (or so we thought) when we finally had Sophia. Being the older mom is not always fun though. I mean, the kids the same age as Sophia at her PK range from 30-35. There's a couple of husbands that are our age. But Russell is by far the oldest at 43. Sigh!