Wub Is Broken

Right now all I can hear is my baby crying and screaming that her wub is broken.
And now my heart is broken too.

I have a back up that I am itching to give her right now, but I am trying to stay strong.

I was going to wait until the last day of school to do this, but I just felt like tonight was the night.
I hate it.

I know in the whole scheme of things this is NOT A BIG DEAL at all, but to Katie it's everything. Will you please pray that she has some peace and is able to fall asleep quickly and for the whole night long?

Thank You!

Now I need to go blow my nose and wash all this mascara off my face!


Kara said...

Oh nooooo!

Leslie said...

I had to go through the same thing 5 years ago with "Binky." I hated hearing her cry, but if it makes you feel better, it was very short-lived, and she has moved on to new things to obsess over. Like wanting to wear her swimsuit under her school clothes or trying to convince me to pierce her ears. I kind of wish we were back on the Binky. :)

Ellen said...

Aww :( Love your hearts. Prayers for both of you.

Nicole said...

That made me pout.

How'd she do???

Frugal Jen said...

I'm so sorry! It just breaks a mommas heart.

How did she do last night?

This makes me realize I've gotta get the strength to get rid of the bottles. It's so hard!!!

Hang in there the first couple days are the worst then it fades.

amberdawn said...

It will get better and easier! Dalton wanted his back for 2 weeks, and Carson was about a week. However Carson cried crazy at night for his (because we took it away sooner I think) But, don't give in-cold turkey all the way. Encouraging words and prayer will get her through it! :) Love to y'all!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that she cried. It took my baby about two days to get over it. Praying for you both!

Mary K.

Courtney said...

You did it! I am proud of both of you guys! Bay will keep her company.

Linda said...

About 29 yrs. ago we did the exact thing....paci was "broken" and that was it.....my youngest accepted that and never looked back. Good luck!

Unknown said...

We went through 15 wabanubs because my dogs kept eating them, so I had to wean my son from it early. My daughter has a blankie and if we lost it it would be the end of the world. Poor girl!! I totally get it!