Katie's Giggle Box

Usually I want to put Caillou in a time out or give him a good spanking, but Katie loves him!

There's an episode where Calliou is making juice with his grandma. At first she has him try grapefruit juice and lemon juice with out the sugar. He says "EWWWW!" and makes a funny face. Apparently to Katie, it's the funniest thing in the world.

So I had to record her reaction.
You can see her anticipating the "funny" part.

Katie's ewwww, sounds more like Yo!

In this second video, you can hear my mom snort a little bit. That's funny too!

Her laugh, makes me laugh!


Katie Belle's Room

Kelly's Korner is hosting, "Show Us Your Kids' Rooms"!

We just have one kid room and one kid!
Katie Belle will be 2 in just a couple of weeks.

This sign on Katie's door was a gift from my friend, Amanda. I love it!

It's from The Peanut Paint Shop.

Katie's room was Khaki at first, because I couldn't bring myself to paint a baby girl's room blue.
I don't know why? I am never a rule follower when it comes to decorating.

The Khaki was just blah, so now it's blue with a pink ceiling!

I think there is no doubt this is a girl's room!

I love having shutters in here, because it makes it nice and dark for nap time!
And I LOVE nap time!

My mom made the afghan and my sister made the cute bunny.

My husband did the faux board and batten on the walls.

Katie's still in her crib and I want to keep it that way for a while!

She did have a cute bumper, but it was starting to be a step stool for her!

My talented sister in law made the bed skirt out of old hankies.

A shadow box with all her new born things:

Oh, and the camera for the video monitor. I have never loved an electrical gadget more!

I made Katie's mobile from a lamp shade frame and some ornaments.

I hung the ornaments from beaded wire. My friend, Jenn, made the cute ribbon wreath and it fit perfect on top!

Katie's view:

Let's not forget the bows!
These hang on the back of the door. Can you believe there are still some colors I need?

This room is meant for playing and fun!

And hopefully lots of sleeping too!


6 More Months and Some Other Stuff

Monday was June 25th.
It's Jesus's Half Birthday!
Which means, 6 months until Christmas!
We are half way there!

Monday was also Bachelorette night!
Are you all watching The Bachelorette? Or do you have better morals than me?
I feel like Emily would be a complete fool if she picked anybody BUT Sean.

THE BACHELORETTE - "Episode 806" - Six men meet Emily in old town Dubrovnik, where she takes them to a breathtaking historic theater. There they are treated to a VIP sneak peek of Disney¥Pixar's highly anticipated new film "Brave" (in theaters June 22). The men had better be paying attention because afterwards, mimicking the movie, they will be asked to dress in kilts and compete in their own Highland Games. The bachelors fire arrows, throw logs and test each other's strength. Although one bachelor dominates the competition, another wins over Emily with his persistence in the face of defeat. The after party finds one handsome man taking Emily on an intimate walk and talk in the streets of Dubrovnik, while another brave suitor offers the Bachelorette his heart, on "The Bachelorette," MONDAY, JUNE 18 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/NICK RAY)JOHN, JEF, CHRIS, SEAN, EMILY MAYNARD, DOUG, ARIE
If he didn't get picked, I know there is a line of girls waiting to meet him!

Since we are talking TV. Do you watch The Firm? It is so dang good! It's on Saturday nights, which is a terrible time slot. I heard it's getting cancelled and that makes me so sad. I think if you didn't watch from the beginning, it's a hard show to pick up in the middle.

And it's hotter than the dickens outside!
It sounds like the whole country is hot right now!

We had to get a little AC unit for our bedroom. It was too hot in there! 3 of the walls have windows and they are OLD windows, so the heat sneaks in. It feels great now, but I HATE spending money on stuff like that! I would have much rather bought some jewelry, and home decor, and flip flops, and got my hair colored and nails done, and then go out to eat!

I picked up 3 prescriptions for Katie's hives! One of them was a steroid. I was told it might cause insomnia. UGH! A sleeping child is what I cherish the most! Right now she is standing up in her crib perfectly quiet....oh no, Now she's asking for Mommy. Why is "Daddy" so hard to remember at night time?

Hey Smarty Pants!

Katie and I finally got over our colds and were feeling better by Monday, just in time for her to be covered in HIVES!

I took her to the Dr. Monday and again just now, because they got worse. They are not from her fever last week, because they get better after having Benedryl. So it's either a virus or an allergic reaction to something.

My gut feeling is that it's from getting too many mosquito bites on Sunday night. I think her body couldn't handle it. And I was allergic to them when I was little, no hives, just big whelps.

I just wondered if any of you have experienced this with your kids? You all are the smartest, most helpful people I "know"!

Oh and Katie thinks her Dr.'s name is Dr. Pepper!


Where We Dine

Kelly's Korner home tours continue!

This week we are touring dining rooms!

I know lots of people's dining rooms just collect dust and never get used, but we use ours a lot! It's still probably pretty dusty anyway though!

I have my GREAT grandmother's china. It's probably 100 years old and we still have most of the set intact, even with a toddler in the house. Thankfully she doesn't mess with it.

It was the inspiration for the pink walls.
My husband is man enough to have a pink dining room.

I angled the dresser to balance the corner cabinet on the other wall.

I hung the mirror from a ribbon, so it could be on an angle too.

Both my sisters in law made me this burlap ruffled runner and I love it.

I wish I could give you a piece of that chocolate cake, but your not here and it's plastic anyway. But it's the thought that counts right?

See the other dining rooms here and join the tour!


Another Sickie

Monday night, Marcus and I went to an auction to get stuff to sell at Golightly's.
We found some great things and it's really exciting. I NEED Marcus there, because I can't keep up with the auctioneer. I think I would keep outbidding myself. We also like to go to the auction because it makes us feel young and skinny...if you know what I mean?

Now I need the painting fairy to come and do her magic!

Tuesday morning I woke up with the same sick bug that Katie has had. It's no fun and I feel even worse today. And look at what I've been eating:

Healthy food! FRUIT, with almonds and that mug holds some green tea with honey and lemon, NOT Coke! It's like I'm a grown up or something. I do need to confess that Marcus got me a Slurpee today. Nothing helps a sore throat, or any other ailment for that matter, like a Slurpee.

Do you remember the terrible Wub incident from last month? I cut it off about 5 weeks ago, because it was time. Katie still has it and mentions that it's "bwoken" sometimes, but she is OK with it.

This picture was taken right before I cut the poor thing off!

WELL, Sunday night she was still really sick and in the middle of the night she totally lost her cool and I could NOT calm her down. Of course, Marcus was at the fire station and I had to deal with it by myself. She was flipping out, so I gave her the back up Wub that I have hidden away. She was asleep in 1 second! For real! I thought, Oh crap, what have I done? Marcus is going to kill me! Just then as I got back in bed, my phone was ringing! IT WAS MARCUS and it was 2 am! How did he know?! It turns out when I got out of bed to get Katie, I accidentally called him at the fire station, whoops! He called 100 times to see what the heck was going on. I confessed immediately about the wub!

I feel like I made the right decision, because it worked. BUT I didn't want her to go through withdrawls again, SO about an hour later, I snuck in her room and got it out of her hand. I felt JUST LIKE Tom Cruise in the first Mission Impossible when he was hanging by a wire and trying to get something with out being detected. Can you hear the music in your head? I did! Katie never mentioned the wub, so she must not have remembered the short sweet reunion that they had.

She's feeling better today:

She wanted to wear her bathing suit while she played in the back yard.
I love that she is keeping those curls! They just keep getting fluffier by the day!

I could not have survived the last 2 days with out my mom and sister who helped watch her while I laid on the couch.

Now I need go ice my face, because my sinuses are the size of...
I can't think of anything, but they are swollen and puffy and bigger than sinuses should be!



Happy Belated Father's Day to all the ONE dad that reads my blog. And that's my husband!

Marcus actually had to work on Father's Day. Katie and I were going to visit him at the Fire station, but she was still sick.

My family came over last night to celebrate my dad:
My sister Kelly, my dad, and me

Here's my dad looking at my mom after he got in trouble for "making that face"!

Grampy with the grand kids.

We celebrated with Marcus's dad on Saturday night.
Marcus with his sister Pam and their dad:

When Marcus and I got married I got rid of all his tank tops and sleeveless shirts. They just started randomly and slowly disappearing? Now he's has gotten scissor happy with his regular perfectly acceptable with sleeves t-shirts. I do not approve!

Even though he is not very fashionable, he is a great dad! Katie is blessed to have him!


A Sickie

Earlier this week I made a "well baby" appointment at the doctor for after Katie turns 2. As I made that appointment, I was thinking that Katie hasn't been sick in a while.

Well, that's what I get for thinking! Now we have a sick baby on our hands!

Her fever started Wednesday, but she was still in a pretty good mood until yesterday.

Our supplies; Boogie sucker, juice, saline spray, vicks, thermometer, TP ,for the nose, not the hiney. The most important thing is the remote.
( that antique phone is Marcus's. He always lets me have his upgrade when it's time for a new phone. sweet boy)

We have watched LOTS of TV the last couple of days. Most of it has been in the middle of the night, unfortunately. Barney is annoying at noon, but at 2 am, he is the devil.

She can still manage to smile:

On Thursday night, really Friday morning, Katie was screaming crying. I went in to get her and she said she was hungry and wanted Animal Crackers? Life is a little easier now that she can communicate, because Animal crackers would have never crossed my mind as something that she would have wanted at 2:40 AM!

So we had a little snack at her table. She pounded those things.

Here we are with no flash. Sittin' in the dark with our crackers.

The day before I had to run an errand, so we made a pit stop at Braum's for some yogurt.
I knew I had to grab my camera when I went to get Katie out of the car.

We ate the rest in the front yard.

Not sure how she got it in her bow?

I wish I had a picture of her face when she found out she could eat the cone too!

I stripped her down and literally hosed her off before we went inside.

Our week has gone downhill since the yogurt, but we are hoping to go uphill tomorrow!

You might be t
hinking this child is sick because I feed her animal crackers and chocolate yogurt, but I PROMISE I feed her healthy stuff too. That's just not as fun to document. And she is for sure not going to ask for broccoli in the middle of the night. There's nothing comforting about that!

I am pretty sure she's sick, because we went to Taco Tuesday at Rosa's, and after we ate, Katie got under the table, laid flat on her tummy, and licked the floor!

She gets that behavior from her dad's side of the family!