Katie Belle is 23 months today!
This is probably the last time she will be counted in months and not years!
I remember when her age was days and weeks. It flies!

On Tuesday we tried to get some pictures of Katie in my dad's old cowboy boots.

They are pretty old and crusty. They were definitely well loved when he was little.

Katie really loved them too.

23 months is a fun age. The other day Katie "cheersed" me. As in we were eating breakfast, she grabbed her sippy cup, held it out to me and said, "cheers!" I have no idea where she learned that, but it made me laugh.

Katie loves to dance, read, play with bubbles, swim, color, watch fireworks, go to the park and see her extended family...and Corny (my friend Courtney)

She talks ALL- THE- TIME and communicates with us really well.
She sings her ABC's and Jesus Loves Me. That melts my heart.

The other day I also tried to get pics for her birthday invitation. It didn't go so hot.

Funny things she says:
upcolber = cup holder
smimmin = swimming
fuffin = muffin ( I call it a fuffin now too)
pack pack = back pack

Most of her S's are th's. I think that's still pretty cute.

I can't wait to see what '2' brings.
I REFUSE to call them the terrible two's. The power of positive thinking!

Katie Belle you are a joy and a blessing!


Giggles said...

Cute pictures! I think the one with her looking through the fence would be cute for an invitation! You have a super cute little one.

donna said...

Grampy is going to love the picutres of Katie in his boots. Can't wait for him to see.

Brooklynn said...

So cute!!! She's a doll. Hope mine is as cute as Katie! :)

The Howell's said...

She is precious! Landry says, "Pack Pack" for backpack too. LOVE it. :)

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Such a little cutie pie!!! Where do you guys go watch fireworks??

Our Home Grown Adventures said...

My three year old son loves to do "cheers" whenever he is drinking!
Cute photos! xx

Anonymous said...

What great shots! My two faves are the one in the boots where she's looking behind her and the one of her peeking through the fence. Precious!

d said...

23 months! The time has flown. She is so cute and looks like such a happy child.
My little one does cheers,too and it just cracks me up.

Erin K said...

I LOVE these pics and I LOVE the use of the boots! But y'all didn't mark the occasion with a Slurpey? Ya feeling ok? LOL!!! I think your Slurpey fetish and Donut Fridays are adorable.

ginacate said...

That cupholder thing is hilarious! My almost 22 month old also loves to cheers. But she wants to cheers EVERYTHING, crackers, juice, marshmallows, you name it! Oh, and it sounds more like "cheese", so funny.

Miss G said...

These are so, so, so adorable! Kelly