It's time for Kelly's Korner home tours again.
This week it's guest and master bedrooms!

This is our guest room:

It once was our master bedroom and you can see it here.

I made some "art work" with some scrapbook paper and my silhouette machine.

I wish I knew how to sew. I made the yellow chevron pillow with some stitch witchery and hot glue. Nobody sneeze or it might fall apart!

I always want my guests to have fresh breath!

You can come and spend the night anytime!

And here's the master bedroom:

The M for Marcus is on the left along with his dresser, and the D for Dina is on the right with my dresser, but I usually sleep on the left side. Marcus always sleeps on the right on the nights before he works, because he needs the alarm. Otherwise we switch it up. We are crazy like that!

This used to be the guest room. You can see it here.
We flip flopped rooms in October.

The green bedding is from Target. And the bed was a wedding gift from my in-laws. I think it's the only non painted furniture in our house! We've had it almost 13 years and I still love it!

I would love to say that this is our sanctuary from from the world, but the reality is that there is usually a pile or 2 of laundry on the chair that needs to be folded, Katie's pink chair is in the middle of the floor so she can watch "cartoonths" in our room, which means you will most definitely step on a cracker or apple juice puddle. And instead of sleeping peacefully, I am awakened by Katie's random whimpers or talking in the night OR I am checking the monitor to make sure she is still breathing because I haven't heard anything in a while!

OTHER THAN THAT... it's our sanctuary. I'm not even going to mention the snoring!


Unknown said...

Dina, PUHLEASE come design/style my future house?! I absolutely adore your style (especially your love of polka-dots and color. I share that obsession.) Everything about your two rooms screams vibrancy, fun, happiness. So cute. Oh, and I really enjoyed your kitchen last week!

Well done, petal! You're an interior goddess! ;)

twinkietotmom said...

I LOVE YOUR ROOMS! All caps was necessary with how cute these rooms are!

Unknown said...

Adorable!!! Love all of the details!!!!

d said...

Love both rooms-they look so fun.

Mallorie said...

I love your house. Always have. I still remember finding your blog and literally reading the entire thing. So inspired by your bold colors and polka dots! I just love it :-)

Elizabeth said...

I absolutely LOVE both rooms!!! Can you come decorate my house?! You are awesome!! Thanks for sharing!!

Brandy Bruce said...

OHMIGOSH. These pics belong in a magazine. Amazing. Hmm. I might need to redecorate!

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Oh I love your rooms! The 'Guest Cottage' sign is so cute:) And the way your blog matches your curtains! Love the colour of your room too. I'd never have guessed you had a child!

Cory said...
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Cory said...

I am here from Kelly's, and I have to tell you that I love, love, love the way you design. I am not a big comment leaver, :) but I do visit often. Your design is whimsical, yet cozy. Just perfect!

Erin K said...

You're cracking me up!I still leave Sophia's monitor on and actually panicked and debated whether to go into her room because it was past 9 am and she still hadn't woken up. But I guess she was just tired? LOVE your use of colors in ALL of your rooms!

Cathy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR ROOM!!! I thought of you last night as I was laying in bed (totally clean thoughts!!!!)... we have a green marble tiled fireplace in our bedroom - and I was wondering how I'd go about painting the tile.... LOL

Natasha said...

I love your polka dots and the green in your master bedroom. So pretty!

Shelly @A Creative Space said...

Your 2 rooms are wonderful!! (I saved this post to come back to -from Better After) and am just NOW getting to it. Ha! Your rooms are very inspiring. :)