How I Paint Furniture

Please notice that the title is NOT " How TO Paint Furniture", it's just how I paint furniture.

A couple of you asked me what I do, so I will share my process. Or really my non-process.

I almost never do prep work. That's for sissies. I like instant gratification, so I just get to the good stuff.

This piece has been painted twice. First it was black, now a light gray:

I didn't prime it or sand it. I just used a little smooth foam roller to paint most of it, then a brush to paint the inset parts. I usually distress my furniture after I paint, because then if it gets nicked up, it just adds to the character.

If something has a very shiny or shellacked surface, then I use liquid deglosser on it first.

Image Detail
You can use this instead of sanding and it takes the shine off and makes the paint stick great. It's so easy and fast to use. I just wipe it on with a towel. It doesn't smell harsh at all.

My kitchen table had kind of a formica surface on the top. I did sand it a little( before I knew about liquid deglosser) , then painted the top with a smooth roller.

I used spray paint on the rest of the table and chairs. All those rungs would take forever to paint with a brush! And I'm into instant gratification, remember?
This got painted at least 10 years ago and it's held up fine.

I think the very best spray paint is Rustoleum 2X the coverage. They don't pay me to say that, but they can if they want to. It works 100 times better than any other spray paint I've used.

I used spray paint for Katie's book case. No sanding, no priming. I barely wiped the dirt off of it before I painted.

The first time I painted this piece it was black. I used a roller and a brush. This time Marcus sprayed it with his paint sprayer.

Do you see my china cabinet in the back ground? That was all done with a brush. No priming or sanding either.

Katie's little table and chairs was done with spray paint. Then I just used those little bottles of acrylic paint for the flowers. The trunk was spray painted. First black, then white. And the black dresser was done with a smooth roller.

If you have a super smooth flat surface, sometimes it's hard to get the spray paint really even. Lots of times you can see streaks. So I like to use rollers for smooth things and spray paint for almost anything else.

I am NOT a perfectionist at all. If you are, you might want to use somebody else's painting method. For me, paint is the cheapest easiest way to redecorate. I don't enjoy painting, but I do it often! It gives your furniture new personality. Or it will bring it into a new decade!

Happy Painting!


Ellen said...

Thank you so much for this! I loved to hear "no prep work"! I have a fabulous retro dresser that is the most horrible color I'm guessing it started it's life mint green but it's now it's closer to yellow... I've put off doing anything with it for SEVEN years because of all the work I imagined it would require...

d said...

I really want to paint some furniture but the fear of regret is holding me back. I like the way you paint-maybe I'll just give it a try.

Cathy said...

I'm TOTALLY up for Instant GRatification :) LOVE the whole painting thing... I'm gonna try that with our coffee table. I'm tired of brown wood and am FINALLY gonna do sumthin' about it!!

Thanks for the inspiration :)

Lori said...

Loved this! And that you're into instant gratification. Sometimes I feel lazy, but I am into it too!!! LOL ;-)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Dina! I like your painting style, and the fact that you're not a perfectionist. Me either!! ;)

However, I've been accused of being one, and that really confuses me.

Anonymous said...

This is great, as I plan on painting lots of stuff when we move. Do the above tips and tricks go for kitchen cabinets too?

Erin K said...

Great tips! I'm such a sissie! So for Sophia's pink bedroom, tape off the baseboards or no tape?

brittanymlemay said...

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