Katie's Giggle Box

Usually I want to put Caillou in a time out or give him a good spanking, but Katie loves him!

There's an episode where Calliou is making juice with his grandma. At first she has him try grapefruit juice and lemon juice with out the sugar. He says "EWWWW!" and makes a funny face. Apparently to Katie, it's the funniest thing in the world.

So I had to record her reaction.
You can see her anticipating the "funny" part.

Katie's ewwww, sounds more like Yo!

In this second video, you can hear my mom snort a little bit. That's funny too!

Her laugh, makes me laugh!


Brooke said...

Cute!! I feel the same way about Cailou- needs a spanking!

Kimberley said...

that is so funny! her little laugh is precious! and i giggled at your momma :) HA!

p.s. cailou makes me want to poke my eyes with a hot stick! :)

Erin K said...

PRICELESS!!!! Such a sweet laugh. Sophia is gonna love getting to hang with her on July 4th!

Aimee said...

How sweet is she! Nothing better than the belly laugh.

Maycee Belle loves Caillou too. And I think he is a brat! I just want to remove him from our Netflix forever! haha

Amanda said...

Awesome! What a cute giggle!

Glimpse of My World said...

Hey Dina... are you located in Dallas? Realtor? Are we neighbors?

Frugal Jen said...

She is so cute! What is up with Calliou? It makes me crazy. My kids all love it. I hear that theme song everyday at 12:30 ...... I'm just a kids who's 4.

Do you know why he doesn't have hair? I always wondered?

Maggie Elizabeth said...

Oh My Caillou.......I feel the same way and chime in during the shows saying that is not how we act. I will be glad when Sophie Clare has moved away from him. :)