The Old Man Is Snoring

It POURED here this afternoon! I kind of forgot what rain looked like.
It's not even summer and it's been in the upper 90's and steamy. It makes me want to move!

Katie was the weatherman and kept telling us, "It's Wainin!"

We are still on water restrictions around here because of the drought last summer. So it was nice for our yard to get a free watering today.

This afternoon, we ventured out in the "wain" and went to the healthy organicy hippie grocery store.

I bought lots of fruit!

Image Detail
AND spinach, and some sunflower seeds, and ingredients for
The Fat Flush Water I saw on Dr. OZ. You can see the ingredients here.

I was also true to myself and got some chocolate covered almonds! YUM!
I will just drink some fat flush water and it will cancel them out.
That's how it works, right?


Kelley said...

Never been much of a cooked spinach eater but it has recently become a favorite because of this simple recipe:

1 bag fresh spinach leaves
2-3 slices thin-sliced Provolone Cheese
Italian Dressing (the zestier the better)

The original recipe actually didn't call for the the italian dressing; it called for olive oil, sauteed in a skillet with fresh garlic (in case you want to replace). Instead, I simply place some of the dressing in my skillet, add the spinach and then drizzle with more dressing, tossing a bit to lightly coat spinach. Place lid on skillet and allow to cook down then uncover and add provolone cheese. Turn off heat but leave on stovetop to allow cheese to melt. Toss with tongs for a creamed spinach "feel". Yum-O.

Kelley @ www.movedtomove.blogspot.com

Julie said...

I don't think I've commented before but I love your blog!! I'm gonna try the fat flush water too. Looks easy and sound refresing. Keep us posted on how it works for you. By the way, Katie is a doll!

Erin K said...

Hmmm....I might just give that fat flush water a try. Maybe you could turn it into a slushy with that slushy maker you were talking about a couple of posts ago?