Monday marked 2 years since we bought this house:

It looked like this 2 years ago, but we knew it had potential!
It got a facelift before we moved in.

There are times I REALLY miss my old house.
And my old neighborhood. It's only about 5 minutes away, so I drive by it often.

I miss my big backyard and the pool!

Blue misses the pool too!

Ahhh, the checker board patio!

I miss my old tin ceilings and brick floor:

I didn't think I would ever miss "height"? But I miss the height of the ceilings compared to the 8 foot ones we have now.

I miss my farmhouse sink and the colander lamp Marcus made for me.

And my guest bathroom with my in-laws old dresser in it.

We put our house on the market because this happened:

Yay! A Baby!
We waited a LONG time for this baby and we didn't want to miss out on her life.

Marcus is a fireman and had a business on the side. And I was working part time.
We chose time with our family instead of the house we loved. Marcus being away extra days wasn't worth it to us. So he sold his business and we sold our house for something less expensive.

He has not missed ONE doctor's appointment since Katie's been born.

Katie and Marcus napped together for her first year of life.

And we have most of our meals together:

Our closets and yard are smaller, but so is our mortgage!

Sometimes I feel like I sacrificed something, but that's just ridiculous! It's all about perspective, I am just thankful for shelter. Most of the people in the world don't even have a home.

We are blessed!

We moved in when Katie was about a week old.
And we have LOTS of great memories in this house!

The 8 foot ceilings haven't bothered her one bit!

Please don't tell her we used to have a pool!
She might send us back to work!


Brooke said...

Great post!!

Staci said...

Aww. Such a sweet post and a great reminder to keep things in perspective. (also reminds me I havent blogged in for-evah!)
I forgot how recently y'all had moved it when I came and took her photos. And you were lifting chairs onto your dining room table like 2 weeks after a c-section!
Love what you've done to the house. Feel free to invite me back over anytime! I'll come bearing a fountain coke!

Miss G said...

Great post! Kelly

d said...

Good reminder about what's important.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Post! Sweet Mommy and Daddy and Katie!

Kristen and Sebastian said...

Great post! I wish you could come decorate our home. ;o) Love your style.

Kristen and Sebastian said...
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AMF said...

Great post. We recently did the exact same thing! Unfortunately my oldest does remember some of the "better" aspects of the old house and he likes to let me hear about them now and again!!

Anonymous said...

I think you're yellow house is so cozy and adorable.

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

Dina, I totally agree with you! Sometimes, I get aggravated about our small rental home, but for right now, it's just fine. Time with the family is what it's all about!!!

Brittany said...

Love this post & couldn't agree more. Being home everyday can never compare to more stuff!

Giggles said...

Great reminder of what is important.

Ben and Audrey said...

such a sweet post. children are worth our small sacrifices. Katie Belle is being blessed by your decisions. i love being home with my kids each day. and i would live in a cracker box to make that happen. ha! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great post, Dina! It's easy to lose perspective. Way to bring it back home!

Sarah said...

That just made me tear up. I love love love your blog! You are always so cheerful and have the best attitude. Thanks so much!

Twinkle Terrior said...

I like the house you are in now better anyway! It has your personal touch and the outside colors are so warm, cheery and warm and welcoming! Happy Fathers Day weekend to your family oxo

Erin K said...

I think you made the right decision for your family and when you eventually decide to move (if you do), you'll look back on these times as the best times of your life. Way to keep things in perspective.

Cissy Lea said...

I just found your blog from Kelly's Korner home tours link up and am so inspired by you! This post in particular shows what a beautiful character you are! (And I've always wanted a pool, so giving that up is especially inspiring!)
I enjoy your polka-dotted blog so much - thank you for sharing! :)