Sale and Fireworks...and Don't Forget The Donuts!

Golightly's is celebrating 27 years in business this weekend!
The whole store is 20% off!

I had to work up there yesterday for 2 whole hours! It was lots of fun!

Marcus and Katie dropped me off, after we celebrated donut Friday, of course. AND it was National Donut Day! I hope you celebrated too!

Katie loves looking around at Golightly's and climbing the stairs 1 million times!

Last night we went to Friday Night Fireworks again.
This time my parents came along!

My mom brought fun glow things for Katie. She loved them!

We had some friends meet us out at the lake too!
Here are the crazy Gills. This is my friend Anna and her family:


One of Marcus's fireman friends met us out there too with his family.

The more the merrier!


Mallorie said...

So fun! :-) Last night my Dad and I took their big labs for a walk at 9:30 because they go NUTS when the fireworks go off and miss Emma Claire was sleeping! We got to watch them from in front of our house!

Erin K said...

How did I miss out on national donut day??? Next year!!! Need to add it to my phone.

Nicole said...

I love all your traditions. They make me smile!