A Sickie

Earlier this week I made a "well baby" appointment at the doctor for after Katie turns 2. As I made that appointment, I was thinking that Katie hasn't been sick in a while.

Well, that's what I get for thinking! Now we have a sick baby on our hands!

Her fever started Wednesday, but she was still in a pretty good mood until yesterday.

Our supplies; Boogie sucker, juice, saline spray, vicks, thermometer, TP ,for the nose, not the hiney. The most important thing is the remote.
( that antique phone is Marcus's. He always lets me have his upgrade when it's time for a new phone. sweet boy)

We have watched LOTS of TV the last couple of days. Most of it has been in the middle of the night, unfortunately. Barney is annoying at noon, but at 2 am, he is the devil.

She can still manage to smile:

On Thursday night, really Friday morning, Katie was screaming crying. I went in to get her and she said she was hungry and wanted Animal Crackers? Life is a little easier now that she can communicate, because Animal crackers would have never crossed my mind as something that she would have wanted at 2:40 AM!

So we had a little snack at her table. She pounded those things.

Here we are with no flash. Sittin' in the dark with our crackers.

The day before I had to run an errand, so we made a pit stop at Braum's for some yogurt.
I knew I had to grab my camera when I went to get Katie out of the car.

We ate the rest in the front yard.

Not sure how she got it in her bow?

I wish I had a picture of her face when she found out she could eat the cone too!

I stripped her down and literally hosed her off before we went inside.

Our week has gone downhill since the yogurt, but we are hoping to go uphill tomorrow!

You might be t
hinking this child is sick because I feed her animal crackers and chocolate yogurt, but I PROMISE I feed her healthy stuff too. That's just not as fun to document. And she is for sure not going to ask for broccoli in the middle of the night. There's nothing comforting about that!

I am pretty sure she's sick, because we went to Taco Tuesday at Rosa's, and after we ate, Katie got under the table, laid flat on her tummy, and licked the floor!

She gets that behavior from her dad's side of the family!


Cathy said...

I hope she feels better VERY VERY SOON!!! It's nice to read that other Mama's can relate to strange midnight (or 2:40am) snacks... sad, sick babies... messy full of ice cream babies, and more! From one Mama to another - I hope you get a wonderful FULL night of sleep tonight!

Miss G said...

What is it with licking the floor and other icky surfaces? I've been seeing that lately too gross!!!

Erin K said...

Awww....poor baby! Sick kids just break my heart. Hope she feels better soon. Your doctor talked to you about the B.R.A.T. diet right? When they're sick, running fever, especially with diarhea (I know this because Sophia got sick every 6 weeks the first 2 years of her life). Bananas, _________, applesauce, toast. Darn, now I can't remember the R. It will come to me. And Sophia's childcare people always told me to lay off the milk/dairy products if she's got an upset stomach and or feverish. Maybe something about milk products heating up in their little feverish stomachs??? I don't know. But I just hope Katie's feeling better a.s.a.p.

Nicole said...

I cannot tell you how many times I have had a perfectly happy child all year, and within a day of taking them to a well-child appointment, they get SICK! I really, really do believe that well children get sick at doctor's offices. I always wished that they would have a well-child day, where they had completely disinfected the office before all the well kids got there. I sure hope she feels better soon. Middle-of-the-night is no fun with a baby, especially when mama needs her sleep!!!

Nicole said...

The "R" is "rice".

Nicole said...

And I meant "healthy" child, not "happy", although my happy child would become unhappy after getting sick from a doctor's office.

Lori said...

Sorry she's sick, and LOL at the end of your post...seriously, if everyone in the house wasn't asleep, I'd be laughing SO LOUD!!!