Tomorrow is the last day of VBS at church.
It's been fun, but I'm ready! I don't know how most of the world gets up and ready for work 5 days a week. It's killing me!
Katie and I are both ready for nap time when we get home.

I got this cute treat today:

It had Coke and popcorn in it. Cute, huh?

OK, yesterday I mentioned the fat flush water. It's kind of grody. It tastes like cucumber. And I like cucumbers, but I guess I don't want to drink them.

I still drank it 3 times today and I will continue to do so. It's best when it's extra cold. And I added lemon juice too. Katie wanted to try some and she LOVED it!?
I hope it doesn't flush her fat. I still want her to have those chubby thighs!

I will continue with my beverage theme. I LOVE my husband and he is so helpful, but it drives me bananas when he puts the wrong lid on Katie's sippy cups. I like for the proper colors to go together.

And I know green goes with green, but it came with a hot pink and green lid. The green top goes with the pink sippy cup! Obviously!

I hope our marriage can survive!

Nothing to do with beverages, but cute:

So glad Tomorrow's Friday.
We have a fun weekend planned!


Nicole said...

I am the same way about our cup lids and now I have kids who are overly-obsessed with it as well. Their spouses will thank me.

d said...

My eyes twitch if the cup and lid do not match...so glad I am not the only one that doesn't like mismatched cups.
Love the last picture!

sara said...

Ok, I love your blog!!!!! You are funny and very creative! I saw your kitchen on Kelly's korner- and love it!!! I said to myself that I knew you liked Mary engelbreit - and I read a few more posts and see you collect her magazines (as do I) !

Erin K said...

I'm with you! It bugts me when the hubs puts the wrong lids with the wrong cups. It takes several wash cycles to sort it all out.