The Weekend

We had a great and busy weekend.

VBS concluded on Friday. My nephew Ryan and niece, Morgan came all week and got to be in my group! AND they brought their Aunt Dina a coke and a donut on Friday morning, so they were my favorites!

Michelle was my partner in crime all week. She is about to pop out a baby girl any second now! For real!

This is one of our youth pastors, Mike, getting pied in the face and everyhwere else. He is my friend, Catherine's husband.

It was fun to hang out with elementary kids all week, but I was glad to get back to my 9th grade Sunday School class today!

Friday night we went to my sister's for dinner. And to see pics of their fun Disneyland vacation.

My sister made these for the occasion:


Then it was time for FIREWORKS!

Marcus had to work and we missed him...and his truck!

Saturday, I got a manicure! I recently took off my fake nails, so now they are super short and not very strong. It was nice to get them looking decent again.

Last Friday when Marcus picked me up from Golightly's, this was waiting in the car for me:

He got us tickets to see Ring of Fire. It's a Johnny Cash musical.
We went Saturday night and it was so much fun!

First we had some Mexican food at Abuelo's...by ourselves!
No high chairs, no crayons, no food on the floor!

This was after the show. Totally blurry, but we needed a date night picture together!

Today was church, lunch, nap time, then a Sunday drive with a Slurpee and a stop at Nonni and Grampy's!

Perfect Weekend!


Nicole said...

That was a great weekend!! Lots of fun!

Erin K said...

What a busy, fun weekend! How cool that Morgan and Ryan got to be in your class. They are such sweet kids! And yea for date nights!!! Love those!! And Michelle?? Could she be any cuter??