Where We Live

Kelly's Korner is hosting a tour of homes again!
This week is Living Rooms!

I love peeking in people's houses, so I can't wait to check out the rest of the homes.
You should join too!
Everybody's doing it!

This is our sitting room/office.
It's technically supposed to be the dining room.

We put our dining room where the formal living is supposed to go, because we needed more room in there. Don't tell the floor plan police!

My couch and chair are from Ikea. The dresser is a scary Craig's List find.

This little mirror is from Hobby Lobby and it makes the perfect tray for Katie's (my almost 2 year old) crayons, markers and paper. It keeps her occupied if I'm on the computer.

My big turquoise mirrors are just frames I found, painted, and then had mirrors put in them. It's usually cheaper than buying a framed mirror.
These old filing drawers hold all my nails, hammer, hooks, measuring tape... and other decorating necessities. It's nice to have it handy and not have to borrow from my husband. He likes things put back where they came from? I am not usually capable of doing that.

This is where I'm sitting RIGHT NOW!
There was an article about our last house in the Dallas Morning News, so I had it framed. There's more about that here. It came out the day we brought Katie home from the hospital.

We've been in this house for almost 2 years. We moved when my daughter was about a week old. That was completely nuts!

All our bills go in that little green mail box.

View from the kitchen:

Our walls are Khaki by Waverly and the ceiling is Pale Apple green by Laura Ashley.

Now this is our main living room:

The paint color in here is Buffalo.

The TV is in here, so it's a popular room.
It's usually on the Sprout channel:

At night the Sprout channel gets a break and then it's time for reality TV!

I sprayed Looking glass spray paint on the back of these windows to make them reflective. It kind of gave them a mercury glass look.

We put this wall in when we remodeled. By "we", I mean my husband.

This is the "during" construction time.

It was like the bathroom was up on a stage. So the wall was needed!

My husband added a stained glass window of mine in the new wall.

He also added an outlet on the wall so I could hang my sconces. I definitely married the right man... for other reasons too!

All my mirrors are from Golightly's.

So are these suitcases:

They make a good end table.

I already had this frame and my friend, Ryane, painted the cross. Her website is here.

This view is looking into the dining room and front door:

The opening to the dining room used to be solid wall. It makes it so much brighter to have it opened up.

This cabinet belonged to my husband's grandmother:

She's in Heaven now, but I wonder if she would be miffed that I painted it? Twice!

I have wedding pics of my grandparents, my parents and us on the shelf.

The other wall has all the dog pictures on it. My friend Jennifer painted the dogs:

I like for our house to be filled with personal things that reflect our family.
(And personal things are cheaper than The Ballard Designs catalog!)

Home Sweet Home

I got my apple green couch from Broyhill. This color was just available for throw pillows, but they let me cover the whole couch in it!

And my bird pillows are from Pier 1 and are several years old now.
I love all the colors!

And my husband is a recliner kind of guy. I tried to camouflage it a little for the pictures, but it's still a recliner.
He lets me decorate the house however I want, so he totally deserves it!

And for the record - My house almost never looks this clean!
Because I've got one of these:

This is Katie sliding with her daddy's socks on. And that cereal totally spilled on the floor if you're wondering. Things are usually a crummy, toy filled mess around here. And it's OK.

AND, I love to decorate, but none of my things are expensive.Lots of things have been handed down, or found at a garage sale. We have to do things on a budget around here.
I, DO, however fill my house with only things I LOVE.
I don't ever just buy something to fill a space.

If this is your first time visiting. This is my family and me.
This is what really makes my house special!

Thanks for coming over!
OK, now hop on the bandwagon and join the tour!


Maydelin said...

love it!! very colorful and happy

Jennifer said...

I started reading your blog from one of Kelly's Korner House Tours a few years ago and I loved it so much I stuck around. I still love your house and have fallen in love with your little one too!

Frugal Jen said...

Everytime I watch The Nate Show I think you should submit your house for House Proud!

Theresa said...

I feel like I visited your blog around the time you were moving.. did you used to live in a very funky house with a black and white floor? Anyway, I love your style. It's eclectic but all goes together so well! We have the same Ikea couch. I love that I can wash the slip covers over and over again because we have lots of crumbs too. Your house is beautiful.

Deborah said...

My house looks a lot different than yours and I like my home a lot but I love your style! So pretty!

Deborah said...

My house looks a lot different than yours and I like my home a lot but I love your style! So pretty!

Shannon said...

IN. LOVE. WITH. YOUR. ROOMS!!! They are so colorful. Want to come help me with my house?

d said...

I love your blog and your home! I've been reading for ages and get so much inspiration from your house and you. Thank you!
I have 4 children, the youngest and only girl is 2 weeks younger than your Katie. After seeing the picture with the mirror/tray with Katie's markers I have to know how you keep marker off of your walls and furniture. I hide the markers and only bring them out when my NoaKate is in her highchair. Advice?

Natasha said...

I LOVE all the colour in your house! And the mailbox for bills is inspired. We just have regular folders hanging on the walls of the dining room and it's not pretty at all.

SILLy stories!! said...

I love all the colors in your house!!! Your house is awesome!!

The Pack's said...

I love your decorating style! You've done a great job!

Miss G said...

I LOVE that you had your whole couch covered in throw pillow fabric! This is the kind of thing that makes you one of my decorating heros.

love Katie in her Daddy's socks too! Kelly

Chey-Anne Smart said...

I love love your house! So precious! It has great character.

Anna said...

Oh my I absolutely LOVE your house!! You have an awesome decorating style!!

Tracy said...

So colorful & happy! Love it!

Unknown said...

OMG! I'm in love with the chicken! You have the most amazing style.
What a gorgeous living room space!
I love how you use color and patterns to make the space so welcoming.
I'm having such fun visiting the SUYL participants this week! So many talented bloggers.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jamie said...

Holy cuteness!! Your house is so fun!! And because you mentioned Dallas Morning News, I had to click that link and read about your other house. JUST as cute! Love finding other DFW bloggers.

You have such fun taste!

Katie said...

WOW! I love both spaces so eclectic yet still warm and inviting!!!!


I love how bright and fun your home is! I am a new follower!

Ande said...

You have such a beautiful home! I love the stripes you incorporate as well as so many other details!! You've inspired some new ideas for me!

Renae said...

Love that mirror/ tray idea!! Cute house.