Happy Belated Father's Day to all the ONE dad that reads my blog. And that's my husband!

Marcus actually had to work on Father's Day. Katie and I were going to visit him at the Fire station, but she was still sick.

My family came over last night to celebrate my dad:
My sister Kelly, my dad, and me

Here's my dad looking at my mom after he got in trouble for "making that face"!

Grampy with the grand kids.

We celebrated with Marcus's dad on Saturday night.
Marcus with his sister Pam and their dad:

When Marcus and I got married I got rid of all his tank tops and sleeveless shirts. They just started randomly and slowly disappearing? Now he's has gotten scissor happy with his regular perfectly acceptable with sleeves t-shirts. I do not approve!

Even though he is not very fashionable, he is a great dad! Katie is blessed to have him!


Unknown said...

I love that there is a disc golf basket in that last picture of katie and her dad :) I have one of those ugly things sitting in our yard...all in the name of love for my husband who can't get enough of disc golf!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Happy Father's Day to Marcus!

donna said...

Katie could not have asked for a better daddy.

Erin K said...

Love that last pic!

Mackenzie Turrill said...

Hi Dina :) I visit your blog every so often (fell in love with your house on a kelly's korner "show us your life" when you didn't have Katie!) Had to say hello, or else it just feels like stalking ;) What a sweet family you are!