Some Things

Today we got to play in the Jungle at our church. It's a big indoor playground, and most importantly it is air conditioned!

Katie's friend, Gunner, got to meet us up there. They both talk about each other all the time. They were kind of being shy today:

2 curly headed cuties!
They love each other!

Katie's still enjoying her jumpoline! It's been 106 here and kind of too hot to jump, UNLESS you spray yourself with a hose while jumping!

And yesterday I randomly found some of Katie's gummies in my china!
I guess she was trying to get fancy with her snack!

And this weekend we got to celebrate my sister-in-law Lisa's birthday!
I won't tell you how old she turned, because that's bad manners! BUT can you believe she will be 50 next year!?

So glad we married brothers!
And Katie was glad she got some cake!

It's been a good week so far and it's only Tuesday!


A Music Room and Our Friday

My sister just turned her dining room into the "music room". And I wanted to share it! Her kids take Suzuki Strings lessons at school. They started when they were tiny and are really talented now.

This is where they practice:

I wish I had a before picture.
*Kelly used my left over gray paint to do the stripes and the one wall.
*She got the couch and chair off craigslist and then got new covers for them at Ikea. For a grand total of $160 for everything! Bargain!
*Marcus and I found the coffee table at a garage sale for $10, then Kelly painted it black.
*The dresser and mirror belonged to our grandmother. It was at my house for a while.
*The lamps are from Target.
*And she made that super awesome frame and had the picture of her kids printed at Staples. That was a trick from Pinterest. I think the total for that was $15!

The chandelier was already there and she just spray painted it. Then I used some of her music note scrapbook paper to cover the ugly plastic things!

Love it!

Now let's talk about Friday!
Today we had Friday MINUS the donuts! Can you believe it?
I was frugal and made cinnamon rolls instead.

Katie didn't mind!

Plus she woke up at 9:30 and Marcus and I are not into waiting for our breakfast. So Katie had a cold cinnamon roll.

And tonight we went to Friday Night Fireworks!

Katie loves Blue. And I love her little cheek hanging out!

And this was the first time she got to use her very own chair for fireworks. It was a gift from Aunt Kelly for her birthday!

Katie was pretty proud of it! We both love anything with a cup holder!

Have a happy weekend!


Gettin' Itchy

It always happens in July... I start getting the Christmas itch. I am dreaming of trees, and garland and twinkle lights.
can't wait!

Last Christmas I didn't use all my decorations, because I wanted to make things easier on myself. That was a dumb idea! I regretted it. I am planning on going all out this year. I am going to put the Griswald's to shame!

I loved the Romantic Homes Magazine I go
t in December. They did a fun article called Candyland Christmas. I can't find it online anywhere and the homeowner doesn't have a blog! BUT, she's friends with Bakerella! And Bakerella posted some pics of this beautiful house in 2009.

Here are
a couple:


Pink, cupcakes, and candy?
Right up my Christmas alley!
Love it all.

You can see more pics here.

For now we will just enjoy the summer and our ice cream:

At least she is trying to clean herself up!

I heard, "uh oh" and "oh, a mess!" several times from the back seat tonight!

Nothing a package of baby wipes can't fix!


The Weekend

We had a fun busy weekend. Katie is so used to getting her picture taken on donut Friday, that she actually posed for me with the donut hole in her mouth.

Then we went to Ikea with my sister and niece. Katie was afraid she would be recognized, so she had to wear her shades.

Then it was time to try out all of Ikea's toys:

I came super close to buying this tent! Maybe next time!

Saturday night, Marcus and I went to see Thoroughly Modern Millie at our church and Aunt Pam babysat Katie. They took her to a splash park and she LOVED it!

This her saying, "Where did the water go?"

I can't wait to take her myself!

Sunday night we went to a fun 6th birthday party for Jackson, Anna's son.
(she's the one that got the super awesome painting given to her!)

Marcus with Katie and Charis. Notice he's sporting Katie's shades on his head!

Handsome birthday boy.

He will probably be president one day. Or the president's top adviser. Or one of those really smart criminals like in Ocean's 11.

Catherine made all the food for the party. And of course, all the super cute labels.

It was totally appropriate to have cookie dough cupcakes for Jackson's birthday, because his mom ate about a roll of cookie dough a day while she was pregnant with him!

Then after the party we got Katie to bed, then I got Marcus to bed, and I watched the Bachelorette finale!

It was sweet, and I hope Jef and Emily are happy forever! And lots of people give him grief for only having one F, but really that's all you need!

My DVR recorded The Bachelor Pad tonight, but I can't decide if my morals will let me dive into that series or not. I have in the past, so I wont' be surprised if I do it again. Maybe I will just keep it to myself...and then ask for forgiveness!


Something Funny and Something Sweet

First, something funny:

Saturday while we were with the Osbornes, we spotted this beauty at a garage sale!

We knew we HAD to have it and we knew WHO we were going to give it to!

Our lucky friend, Anna, was the recipient. We knew she would totally appreciate it!

This was the big unveiling!

Me, Anna, and Courtney.
We love each other and we have the same taste in art!

It promptly went on the mantle, where it fits perfectly!

The lady who painted it said she has several more in case you are interested. She said she went through a "fat phase"! We all totally agreed that she is REALLY talented! Those rolls look real!

Now for something sweet.
My blog friend, Staci, gifted us with tons of cute girl clothes!

It was the hugest blessing! I love this blog and this fun community of girls.

Thanks Staci!


Party Like It's Your Birthday!

We started celebrating Katie's birthday a day early.
She had the best weekend and by the time this post is over, you might want Marcus and I to adopt you.
We had a good time!

It started with Donut Friday. And some big rain boots?

Then, Katie got her gift from us.
A trampoline!
She calls it a jumpoline and this is her hugging it!

If you want your kids to take good naps, invest in a trampoline!

Then we went to Friday night fireworks with the Osbornes. This is Katie and Charis. We took a boys car and a girls car!

Katie loves Drew too!

Stephen and Courtney:

We had a fun time!

Then after a late night, we had to wake up earlyish to ride the train in Fort Worth.

The birthday girl with her daddy and her bed head!

The Ozzys came with us for the train too. They should have just spent the night with us!

Katie's favorite part is the pit stop for popcorn!

Then we went to Kincaids for some burgers.

After a good nap, it was party time with the family!

My friend, Catherine, made some cute things for Katie's party.

Labels for her treat baskets:

Water bottle labels:

Cute cupcake toppers:

And she even made the invitations! You can find her website, Everything Design, here.

I'm so thankful for talented friends!

Katie and Nonni:

Birthday song time:

Her cousin, Jeddy, asked for some of her cupcake. I think you can see her answer here:

The girls' table:

The boys' table:

The mens' table:

Present time!

She got totally spoiled by her family. We have some great new toys to play with!

Then it was time for some JUMPING!

The 2 sweet grandmas:

They both jumped with Katie too. My mom got a little boost from Pam!

Cousins, Melissa, Jeddy and Jennifer:

We had such a fun time celebrating this kid!
She is a joy and a blessing!
This has been a wonderful 2 years being Katie Belle's mommy!