A Music Room and Our Friday

My sister just turned her dining room into the "music room". And I wanted to share it! Her kids take Suzuki Strings lessons at school. They started when they were tiny and are really talented now.

This is where they practice:

I wish I had a before picture.
*Kelly used my left over gray paint to do the stripes and the one wall.
*She got the couch and chair off craigslist and then got new covers for them at Ikea. For a grand total of $160 for everything! Bargain!
*Marcus and I found the coffee table at a garage sale for $10, then Kelly painted it black.
*The dresser and mirror belonged to our grandmother. It was at my house for a while.
*The lamps are from Target.
*And she made that super awesome frame and had the picture of her kids printed at Staples. That was a trick from Pinterest. I think the total for that was $15!

The chandelier was already there and she just spray painted it. Then I used some of her music note scrapbook paper to cover the ugly plastic things!

Love it!

Now let's talk about Friday!
Today we had Friday MINUS the donuts! Can you believe it?
I was frugal and made cinnamon rolls instead.

Katie didn't mind!

Plus she woke up at 9:30 and Marcus and I are not into waiting for our breakfast. So Katie had a cold cinnamon roll.

And tonight we went to Friday Night Fireworks!

Katie loves Blue. And I love her little cheek hanging out!

And this was the first time she got to use her very own chair for fireworks. It was a gift from Aunt Kelly for her birthday!

Katie was pretty proud of it! We both love anything with a cup holder!

Have a happy weekend!


Brooklynn said...

Beautiful!!!! I mat steal the frame and picture idea! :)

Anonymous said...

Magnificent! (As usual. :-P )

d said...

Love the room-you and your sister have decorating skills!! Love the pics of Katie

Anonymous said...

Wow! Kelly's music room is fabulous!!!! I like the gray a lot. And that picture of Morgan and Ryan is beautiful.
Cinnamon rolls and fireworks...Friday doesn't get much better!

c o u r t n e y said...

I love the music room! What a great idea. And I love how each instrument is proudly displayed,and they look so fancy! Lovely redo of a dining room! :)

donna said...

I especially love the way my 2 daughters are always there for each other. ( The room is pretty amazing too!)

Christi said...

Love the music room. It's beautiful!

Miss G said...

That room is outstanding! Super fun! love the colors.

I forgot to tell you that I got to see Friday night fireworks a few weeks ago! I was thinking of you!

Also, our friend who came over for a playdate yesterday was wearing that same little polka dot ladybug outfit! love it!

Good for you being frugal! I'm trying to do that too.

Fun to "catch up". Kelly