Gettin' Itchy

It always happens in July... I start getting the Christmas itch. I am dreaming of trees, and garland and twinkle lights.
can't wait!

Last Christmas I didn't use all my decorations, because I wanted to make things easier on myself. That was a dumb idea! I regretted it. I am planning on going all out this year. I am going to put the Griswald's to shame!

I loved the Romantic Homes Magazine I go
t in December. They did a fun article called Candyland Christmas. I can't find it online anywhere and the homeowner doesn't have a blog! BUT, she's friends with Bakerella! And Bakerella posted some pics of this beautiful house in 2009.

Here are
a couple:


Pink, cupcakes, and candy?
Right up my Christmas alley!
Love it all.

You can see more pics here.

For now we will just enjoy the summer and our ice cream:

At least she is trying to clean herself up!

I heard, "uh oh" and "oh, a mess!" several times from the back seat tonight!

Nothing a package of baby wipes can't fix!


King Amy said...

I saw Santa yesterday at a Cajun resturant in Kingwood, Texas. He was wearing a red shirt, matching red bermuda shorts and red bowling shoes.

I asked him what he was doing and he said "eating lunch" and "checking his list!"

you'd better watch out...

Staci said...

Oh I am getting itch too. Usually starts in August. I have sworn for years that I'd listen to the urge and start small when it hit. I know I'd look crazy with a Christmas tree up in August. But we put up 5 trees so it would certainly help!

Maryellen said...

Now there's a girl who knows how to enjoy ice cream !