Last Week

Last week was busy, so I have to catch up this week to preserve some memories!

Our AC went out, so we spent the night with Nonni and Grampy (my parents)

Katie was pretty excited to see them in the morning.

And she had fun in her little fort too:

We got a new outside AC unit and everything was cool again. Last year we had to buy a new inside unit. Good thing we are rolling in the dough, so we just had that money burning a hole in our pockets! HA!

Marcus and Katie enjoying Taco Tuesday at Rosas!

Then we saw fireworks in Southlake that night.
Marcus was posing for me.

Then we had some 4th fun and more fireworks that night!

Donut Friday in our pjs!
Thankfully our donut place has a drive through, so you don't even have to get dressed!

Then Friday night fireworks at Grapevine lake.
Yes, we saw fireworks 3 TIMES last week! Now every time we get in the car Katie thinks we are going to see fireworks and that makes our Walmart trip a little disappointing!
This week we are trying to enjoy Katie's last week of being ONE!

TWO comes on Saturday and I can't wait!


Kara said...

I love how you have taco and donut days! That always makes me smile!

Staci said...

Walmart trips are disappointing to me, too. Ugh. I much prefer Tar-jay!

Jennifer said...

I love too that your days are marked with what kind of food it is! And my little one is having fireworks meltdown also. We have had a crying fit because he didn't get to see them a second time.

Erin K said...

So sorry you had to spend big bucks on something that's not even fun. Necessary but not fun. :( And fireworks 3 times in one week??? How cool is that?

Maggie Elizabeth said...

Love that she loves fireworks! Sophie Clare does not like any of them. We can not even make a fire in our fire pit. Katie is super duper cute and growing way to fast!