Party Like It's Your Birthday!

We started celebrating Katie's birthday a day early.
She had the best weekend and by the time this post is over, you might want Marcus and I to adopt you.
We had a good time!

It started with Donut Friday. And some big rain boots?

Then, Katie got her gift from us.
A trampoline!
She calls it a jumpoline and this is her hugging it!

If you want your kids to take good naps, invest in a trampoline!

Then we went to Friday night fireworks with the Osbornes. This is Katie and Charis. We took a boys car and a girls car!

Katie loves Drew too!

Stephen and Courtney:

We had a fun time!

Then after a late night, we had to wake up earlyish to ride the train in Fort Worth.

The birthday girl with her daddy and her bed head!

The Ozzys came with us for the train too. They should have just spent the night with us!

Katie's favorite part is the pit stop for popcorn!

Then we went to Kincaids for some burgers.

After a good nap, it was party time with the family!

My friend, Catherine, made some cute things for Katie's party.

Labels for her treat baskets:

Water bottle labels:

Cute cupcake toppers:

And she even made the invitations! You can find her website, Everything Design, here.

I'm so thankful for talented friends!

Katie and Nonni:

Birthday song time:

Her cousin, Jeddy, asked for some of her cupcake. I think you can see her answer here:

The girls' table:

The boys' table:

The mens' table:

Present time!

She got totally spoiled by her family. We have some great new toys to play with!

Then it was time for some JUMPING!

The 2 sweet grandmas:

They both jumped with Katie too. My mom got a little boost from Pam!

Cousins, Melissa, Jeddy and Jennifer:

We had such a fun time celebrating this kid!
She is a joy and a blessing!
This has been a wonderful 2 years being Katie Belle's mommy!


Brooklynn said...

Too cute! Looks like she had fun! And y'all look so summery!

d said...

Happy B'day to Katie!! Looks like you had a great time celebrating. I love the rain boots!

Nicole said...

What a great couple of days! Happy Birthday, Katie! And don't despair ... it's only 6 more months til your half-birthday celebration.

Anonymous said...

Cute Party! Great family picture!

Kimberley said...

happy 2nd birthday katie! you have a beautiful family!! you can adopt me if you ya want ;)

Frugal Jen said...

Happy Birthday Katie!

Staci said...

Fun! Love the decorations!

Susan Brown Holland said...

Love seeing your pics of precious Katie Belle! Looks like a fun party! Can't believe she is two! May have to bring Charlotte and Elizabeth over to jump! :D

Anonymous said...

What a FUN time! A trampoline?! Cupcakes?! More presents?! Happy birthday, Katie Belle!

Michele said...

I'll begin adoption papers pronto...

Miss G said...

I love how you all coordinate with the party. Super cute colors and stuff! That baby carriage she got is ADORABLE!! love the polka dot balloons - have used those myself for first and second birthdays. I really like how you did her cupcake on the pedestal with the paper shreds! Happy Birthday Katie!! Kelly