The Weekend

We had a fun busy weekend. Katie is so used to getting her picture taken on donut Friday, that she actually posed for me with the donut hole in her mouth.

Then we went to Ikea with my sister and niece. Katie was afraid she would be recognized, so she had to wear her shades.

Then it was time to try out all of Ikea's toys:

I came super close to buying this tent! Maybe next time!

Saturday night, Marcus and I went to see Thoroughly Modern Millie at our church and Aunt Pam babysat Katie. They took her to a splash park and she LOVED it!

This her saying, "Where did the water go?"

I can't wait to take her myself!

Sunday night we went to a fun 6th birthday party for Jackson, Anna's son.
(she's the one that got the super awesome painting given to her!)

Marcus with Katie and Charis. Notice he's sporting Katie's shades on his head!

Handsome birthday boy.

He will probably be president one day. Or the president's top adviser. Or one of those really smart criminals like in Ocean's 11.

Catherine made all the food for the party. And of course, all the super cute labels.

It was totally appropriate to have cookie dough cupcakes for Jackson's birthday, because his mom ate about a roll of cookie dough a day while she was pregnant with him!

Then after the party we got Katie to bed, then I got Marcus to bed, and I watched the Bachelorette finale!

It was sweet, and I hope Jef and Emily are happy forever! And lots of people give him grief for only having one F, but really that's all you need!

My DVR recorded The Bachelor Pad tonight, but I can't decide if my morals will let me dive into that series or not. I have in the past, so I wont' be surprised if I do it again. Maybe I will just keep it to myself...and then ask for forgiveness!


Cristi Atchley said...

My DVR recorded Bachelor Pad as well!

I won't tell if you don't! *wink*

As always, Katie is super adorable!

Staci said...

You are so funny. My morals must be in the dirt because I record Keeping up with the Kardashians, Dance Moms, The Real World (I actually don't usually watch it but I saw the first few minutes of the first episode of this season and I was hooked.) I do, however, refuse to watch Jersey Shore. I draw the line there. Now the Jersey housewives are my favorite. I see no problem with that.

I need to know where this splash park is! Can't find one close to us and I know my girls would love it.
And I would love a trip to Ikea! I've committed to navy and small pops of yellow to accept my gray bedroom. Feel free to pitch in any ideas!

Miss G said...

I would love to see Thoroughly Modern Millie. Kelly