Today is 7/11. Guess What I did...

That's right! You've got to celebrate 7/11 with a Slurpee!

Niece Morgan, Katie, Nephew Ryan:

Katie LOVES her cousins! She asks to go to Morgie and Ryan's house everyday!

We also went to Chili's tonight, because both the husbands were gone. My sister is married to a police Captain and I'm married to a fire fighter. I guess we have a thing for civil servants?

Morgan, Ryan, Katie, Aunt Kelly

And Katie and I went swimming this morning at my parent's house. It's so nice to live close to family! Especially family that has a pool!

We just have 2 more days of "1" left and we are going out with a bang!

So glad this almost 2 year old has kept her curls!

And I think I have mentioned how much I love this floaty thing, but it deserves a second mention. GET ONE! Katie can swim around the pool and hasn't drowned once! It makes pool time so much more enjoyable!

I hope 7/12 is as much fun as 7/11 was!


Staci said...

We have the exact floatie! Love it. We had to get the ladybug since we call Olivia "Buggy". Has Katie had swimming lessons? I need to get on that!

I did NOT have a slurpee today. I feel like I don't get invited to the party. Guess I'll celebrate 7-12 with one!

Brittany said...

We have that float too! Obsessed with it, ha.
Also if you haven't watched Junk Gypsies it's your kind of show!!

Allison said...

We have two of those floaties - we don't go near water without them. We also celebrated 7-11 with our first annual 7-11 birthday hop. My youngest just turned two on Monday and so we all loaded up in the car mom, son who is 8 and daughters who are 4 and 2 and hit 4 of the 7-11s near our house...crazy fun with a crazy sugar rush, but a great way to celebrate summer! p.s. luv your blog...

Erin K said...

I was wondering if you made it to 7/11! That floaty thing looks cool! And those curls....sooo cute!