Free Entertainment and Joy

I had to run up to Golightly's today, so Marcus and Katie came with me. I love when Marcus is home from work and we can run errands together.

Katie thinks Golightly's is better than Disneyland. She squealed when we pulled up to the store. She loves to go up and down the fun leopard stairs.

Do you see the pure joy on her face?

Friday night was bitter sweet, because it was our last Friday night fireworks of the year.
Next week is the official last week, but we can't make it.

So this was the last hurrah!

Katie Belle loves Blue.

I know lots of you have smart phones and your kids get to play on them. But I have a dumb phone and my poor baby has to just play with the calculator and calendar.

She doesn't know about the games and stuff, so don't tell her!

Goodbye fireworks. We will see you next year!

You will soon be replaced with pumpkin patches and Christmas lights!

Katie and I had some splash pad fun on Saturday.

Marcus had to work, so he missed out.

When he works, I have to stay busy with Katie, otherwise I go crazy.
And it's not pretty!

My blog probably makes it look like our life is full of donuts, fireworks, parks, pools, birthday parties and just fun stuff. And I do try to make life fun for us, but
we have craptastic days too!

I guess I don't take pictures of the fits, bad moods and time outs!
But they happen!
And not just by Katie. I have been known to have a fit or two myself!
Marcus is the most well behaved one in the house, for sure.

Most days we choose to be thankful and grateful.
That will give you lots of joy!
And we find fun (FREE) stuff to do. Just add a donut or Coke to that recipe and it's almost perfection!


Birthday, Boats and Fireworks

My sweet nephew, Ryan, turned 10 on Wednesday!

We all got together to celebrate!

Katie's favorite part of any party is the CAKE!

When Marcus changed her diaper on Thursday, he was afraid she ate a blob of blue play doh. You can see why in the picture above!

Katie and her Nonni:

Ryan was sweet enough to dance with her, but she kept bossing him and saying, "stand up" and then pointed to him exactly where to stand!

That girl loves to boogie!

Katie is blessed with extra special cousins!

And since the weekend is upon us, I need share some pics from last weekend!
Friday night fireworks:

Giving Blue a kiss:

And on Saturday, we went to Bass Pro Shops.

Katie calls Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's, "the animal store".

We tried out some boats!

I would LOVE a boat. We just need someone to drop a box of money on our front porch and then we can get one!


And hiding in the sleeping bags!

As Katie was walking through the camo clothes , She kept saying, "Oh it's soooo cute and oooh beautiful!" I have been known to throw out those phrases while shopping, but NEVER about camo clothes!

Fireworks and Bass Pro Shops are good FREE entertainment. Hopefully Katie will never get wind of Chuck E. Cheese's or Six Flags!


Half Way to 75!

Today is my Half Birthday! I am 37 1/2 years old.

Marcus and I have always celebrated each other's half birthdays since we were dating.
Some people hate birthdays and hate getting older.
Do you know what the alternative to getting older is?

There are lots of people that would give anything to have another birthday! We should appreciate it!
And plus, I just like to have reason to get gifts and go out to eat. It's FUN!

I got these sweet sunflowers and a pedicure.
AND a date!

Marcus asked my parents to babysit and we went out!

I think these 2 are pretty cute!

I am hesitant to post my double chin here, but Katie needs some documentation of her mother!

We ate at Twisted Root in Roanoke.

It's a hamburger place and they make their own root beer!

You can even get a bison or buffalo burger there.
I just got regular cow.

Lionel Richie had an ad up in the place:

They had a foot long hot dog on the menu named the Dirk Diggler. That's a little too racy for this blog, but I thought it was funnyish.

And when you place your order, they give you a name they call when your food is ready.
This was ours:

We heard orders for Lisa Simpson, Mary Kate Olsen, Hugh Jackman and others.
It was really good and we had fun!

On the way back to my parents we got a dipped cone from Mc D's. I like to at least get one a summer. I like the chocolate part and the cone. I let Marcus eat the vanilla ice cream off the top!

Katie had a grand time at her Nonni and Grampy's house. Her favorite thing to do there is play Just Dance on the wii. I need to share some videos soon. She's pretty awesome!

Now just 6 more months til 38!
Maybe I can get rid of my double chin by then?
I am pretty sure I said the same thing last year!


Our Front Porch

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show Us Your Front Porches"!

Currently my front porch is the host of some toasty, crispy flowers due to the hot Texas summer! So I am going to share some pictures from the past.

I love my front porch and we sit on it a lot when the weather is nice.

This is what the house looked like when we bought it. We knew it had potential under that brown and tan paint.

Painting it yellow, was one of our first projects. Now it looks like a Happy House instead of a sad depressed house.

I love to decorate my porch for fall:

It's fun to sit out there and wait for trick or treaters too!

And to take pictures with your little 50's girl!

The floor is just stamped concrete made to look like brick. We are so happy with how it turned out. And it was WAY easier than bricking it.

It's fun to change out the flowers for the seasons. It's especially nice when I remember to water them!

I am ready for some front porch weather!


Curly Piggies

I don't think I will ever get tired of pig tails.

I can never get the part straight and they are always lop sided, but I still love them!

It's hard to get perfectly symmetrical piggies on a squirmy 2 year old!

I hope we have at least couple more years of pig tails in our future!