Birthday, Boats and Fireworks

My sweet nephew, Ryan, turned 10 on Wednesday!

We all got together to celebrate!

Katie's favorite part of any party is the CAKE!

When Marcus changed her diaper on Thursday, he was afraid she ate a blob of blue play doh. You can see why in the picture above!

Katie and her Nonni:

Ryan was sweet enough to dance with her, but she kept bossing him and saying, "stand up" and then pointed to him exactly where to stand!

That girl loves to boogie!

Katie is blessed with extra special cousins!

And since the weekend is upon us, I need share some pics from last weekend!
Friday night fireworks:

Giving Blue a kiss:

And on Saturday, we went to Bass Pro Shops.

Katie calls Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's, "the animal store".

We tried out some boats!

I would LOVE a boat. We just need someone to drop a box of money on our front porch and then we can get one!


And hiding in the sleeping bags!

As Katie was walking through the camo clothes , She kept saying, "Oh it's soooo cute and oooh beautiful!" I have been known to throw out those phrases while shopping, but NEVER about camo clothes!

Fireworks and Bass Pro Shops are good FREE entertainment. Hopefully Katie will never get wind of Chuck E. Cheese's or Six Flags!


Giggles said...

I love Cabela's. We spent about 4 hours at the one in FW with my niece and nephew (ages 11 & 13). They took so many pictures of the animals. I think when I downloaded them there were over 100 just from there!!

You're little one is so cute! I love her pig tails.

Have a great weekend.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for your sweet comment! Your little girl is too cute. We love Bass pro shop too, they have the best time.

Erin K said...

Happy birthday Ryan! And Ryan, you have the cutest little cousin ever! love those curls! And obviously I LOVE exclamation points!

Anonymous said...

My kids love Bass Pro Shop. We used to live 2 minutes from the Springfield, MO one and my dad would take them and let them drive the boats. My 12 and 9 year olds still love to do it now.