Next week at church is Promotion Sunday. It's where you officially move up to the next grade. Even Katie will move up a class. This is normally the time that I say goodbye to my 9th graders as they move up to 10th. BUT this year I get to move up with them!
I am so excited, because I LOVE this group of girls. They are funny and sweet!

And look how cute they are too:

I'm the old lady in the middle.
I am hoping that being with the teenagers will "keep me in the know" until Katie's a teenager. And it will definitely make me a better mom! Plus I just love being with them and think they are way more fun than adults!

Last night we celebrated my sister's birthday!

We went to Grimaldi's and they let the kids play with pizza dough! Such a great idea!

It was a fun night. I'm thankful to have family close to celebrate with! We will have 2 more birthdays to celebrate in the next couple of weeks, PLUS a half birthday too! ;)

And tonight we celebrated Tuesday Tent Night.

(I totally just made that up!)

Actually, we just turned our bed into a big tent with sheets hanging on the posts!

Katie loved it!
And her mom and dad did too!

Everyday is worth celebrating, right?!


Leah PS said...

how fun is tent tuesday? what a good idea!

c o u r t n e y said...

I love Tuesday Tent night!!!! I am going to copy you and celebrate soon! ;) Cute!!

Staci said...

So fun! That picture of you two is the cutest!

amberdawn said...

Ooh! I love the tent idea!!!! You're such a fabulously fun mom! :)