Dining Room Table Activity

My niece and I went to The Dallas World Trade Center today to get some jewelry.

I needed to restock at Golightly's and she always likes to go for fun. She's headed off to college on Monday, so she needs some jewelry!

I had everything laid out on my dining room table to price it:

I wanted to get tons of those bubble necklaces, but they were almost out! I may try to sell some on my blog soon. Or you could fork up $150 at J.Crew for one if you want?

And I love these headbands too:

And another thing happening on my dining room table is TEA! I have never, ever, ever been a tea drinker. I think it tastes like dirt. BUT I have to quit my Coke habit. (coca cola, not the other kind). I made unsweet tea and mixed in some low sugar lemonade. And it's pretty good.

I am going to allow myself to have Coke one day a week. Today was the day I had some and it was heavenly! Way better than dirty tea!

And this Lemonade Pie is neither low sugar or unsweet, but it's yummy!

It's a summer staple around here.

I always make 2 pies at a time.

1 large container of cool whip
1 can of frozen lemonade or limeaid
2 cans of eagle brand milk
2 pie crusts

Mix the cool whip and eagle brand, then stir in the thawed lemonade.
Pour into the baked pie crusts and freeze!

Then you have one pie for you and one for a friend!


Giggles said...

I drink only a couple of cokes a week and drink tea on the other days. I love iced tea. . . sweet or unsweet. The pie looks super yummy. I love lemonade!! And the necklaces are really cute!!

Nicole said...

Glad you posted that lemonade pie recipe! I was just thinking about it yesterday and didn't know where I had put the recipe.

Taylin said...

That pie sounds so yummy!!! It is something i must try! Love the necklaces too!

Sheila said...

I am a Coke-aholic too, and was diagnosed w Type 2 diabetes a few months ago. I have gotten myself down to one (or maybe two) Cokes a day. I have been drinking the Lipton Green Citrus flavor tea and love it. I had tried the bottled tea, but it was either full of sugar or diet-y tasting (I don't do diet!). I found it in bags and have a tea maker at both my house and my camper. If you don't like tea, try it, it doesn't taste like regular tea. Good luck with your habit, I'll think of you when I want to have a coke, and maybe it will be easier for me not to break down and have an icy, delicious coke!

Anonymous said...

I would love to buy the red bubble necklace! Please email me if I can purchase it rebeccagprice@yahoo.com


Amy said...

I would love a red bubble necklace too!! Amy.b.Hargrove@gmail.com:)

Amy said...

I would love a red bubble necklace too!! Amy.b.Hargrove@gmail.com:)

Cristi Atchley said...

As a diabetic who had to give up her Cokes, sweet tea and caffeine (the horror!)... I can promise you that after awhile you won't miss it! Really, it's true!

I love lemonade and iced tea mixed together! Don't they call that an "Arnold Palmer"?

Love the necklaces, too! Totally in right now!

Jennifer said...

Have you tried Peach Iced Tea? I love anything peach and it adds just the right sweetness.

Aimee said...

Love the bubble necklaces!

Erin K said...

Limiting your Coke habit!?? What in the world???

Crystal said...

I LURVE the bubble necklaces, they are so cute and trendy right now. If you are planning on selling them, I'm totally interested in purchasing one! crystallarson09 at yahoo dot com

P.S. I want to have your job when I grow up (says the thirty year old teacher) :)

donna said...

Deen, I love the necklaces too. I think they would make a great Christmas present for your mom. Just saying...

zandjmom said...

Can anyone with a resale certificate get in to Market? I'd love to put some jewelry in my booth but don't know how to get in. I'm a newbie. :)