Free Entertainment and Joy

I had to run up to Golightly's today, so Marcus and Katie came with me. I love when Marcus is home from work and we can run errands together.

Katie thinks Golightly's is better than Disneyland. She squealed when we pulled up to the store. She loves to go up and down the fun leopard stairs.

Do you see the pure joy on her face?

Friday night was bitter sweet, because it was our last Friday night fireworks of the year.
Next week is the official last week, but we can't make it.

So this was the last hurrah!

Katie Belle loves Blue.

I know lots of you have smart phones and your kids get to play on them. But I have a dumb phone and my poor baby has to just play with the calculator and calendar.

She doesn't know about the games and stuff, so don't tell her!

Goodbye fireworks. We will see you next year!

You will soon be replaced with pumpkin patches and Christmas lights!

Katie and I had some splash pad fun on Saturday.

Marcus had to work, so he missed out.

When he works, I have to stay busy with Katie, otherwise I go crazy.
And it's not pretty!

My blog probably makes it look like our life is full of donuts, fireworks, parks, pools, birthday parties and just fun stuff. And I do try to make life fun for us, but
we have craptastic days too!

I guess I don't take pictures of the fits, bad moods and time outs!
But they happen!
And not just by Katie. I have been known to have a fit or two myself!
Marcus is the most well behaved one in the house, for sure.

Most days we choose to be thankful and grateful.
That will give you lots of joy!
And we find fun (FREE) stuff to do. Just add a donut or Coke to that recipe and it's almost perfection!


Unknown said...


You honestly have me in stitches I laugh so hard at your posts. I just love it.

You're sense of humor and positive attitude always lift my spirits. I just love your witt!

Thanks for always helpin a sister out when she needs it!


Erin K said...

Glad to know you have craptastic days too. I thought it was all rainbows and butterflies over at the Watson's house. :) Katie looks adorable in her bathing suit!

the undomesticated wife said...

Hey lady! I can't believe how "cool" of an August we've been having! Your little one is brave to get in the water. I've stayed out of my pool because it feels too chilly to me. haha!

Brooklynn said...

I've had a few fits lately along with Colbi too! It's a part of life I guess, everyone needs a day to fuss. At least that's what my Mom says when I tell her Colbi was super fussy the night before. Lol!

Maydelin said...

such a beautiful little girl

Lori said...

This post made me smile! It's nice to focus on the positive most of the time! :-)

Fabiola said...

Katie is just so grown up. I still remember when you announced you were pregnant.

And I might add, a donut makes everything better : )